6: An Idea

  Winter paced. She kept sighing and blowing out air that immediately frosted as the warm hit the brilliant cold of the winter. Winter tugged at her hair and balled and un-balled her fists. Her white and black robes trailed behind her. Her icy blue eyes, if looked into at this time, would seem scattered and deep in thought. This was true. Winter was coming up with a plan. Of course, the plan wasn't formed yet, but she was working on it.  

  This plan would involve her three sisters. Spring would surely say yes, thought Winter, She is always so sweet and kind and willing to help. Unbeknown to the Snow Queen, though,  was that years living in Land of the Spring had worn her gentle young sister into an angry, disagreeable girl. 

  And Autumn will most assuredly commend me on my creativity, Winter continued, She was always a master of unique ideas and admired others who came up with such. But, after many years in the Land of Fall Autumn could not so much as find a glimmer of creativity in her heart. The days and the leaves' dances were always same--never different--and had rubbed off on her. 

  Summer, the gay, childish girl who always saw the good in everything. She couldn't refuse, could she? Wrong. The childishness had long since left Summer as she came to terms with reality. 

  But there was one thing that still glowed in the hearts of all four women. Their desperate yearning for difference kept them alive each day. That one fleck of hope that the sun would come out another time, a cool breeze would venture their way, and colors of every variety would be known once again; that was the deciding factor. Maybe the plan would work, maybe it wouldn't. But one thing was certain. They would try. 

The End

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