5: Windswept

  Autumn rested her chin upon her fist and glared out at the dancing leaves. They were in the middle of a mid-fall ballad. Autumn groaned. This was practically the tenth time just this week that the performing plant parts chose this particular dance. 

  Autumn's extensive braid of red-brown hair twirled around her in the cool breeze. She roughly blew a wisp out her eyes. The wind just pushed it back in front of her face. Autumn ground her teeth together and took the hair and tucked it behind her ear. A squirrel bounded up to Autumn and held his small, chubby paws out to her. He was holding an acorn. When Autumn tried to take it he yanked it away from her and ran off in the other direction, chattering to himself. Autumn growled. She supposed he was laughing at her.

  The leaves finally ended the dance and fell to the ground, falling into an array of colors that would have astounded anyone other than Autumn in that time of such absolute anger and boredom. Autumn let herself fall backwards, light as one of the leaves, and land on her back in a pile of mixed color. Sighing, she caught sight of a green leaf just a foot away. Though she wanted to keep the beautiful foreign color to gaze at and admire, it was her job to make everything suit the season. Regretfully, Autumn gently tapped the leaf. It shot up into the air, and then spiraled downward towards the ground. When it stopped, it was an orange color mixed with drops of light yellow. Autumn tossed it aside with all the other leaves. Different would never be accepted here, no matter how she so longed for it to be. 

The End

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