4: Summer and the Sun

   Summer was tired. Her whole body was tired. She was aching all over. The boiling sun was simmering on her back. Summer's eyes drooped. She barely could keep the grass green. She waved her hand over the valley every so often and the plants would gain more energy and look healthier. But, truth be told, Summer didn't even care if she forgot to keep the plants green. She was tired of the green. She was tired of the bright color. She'd been seeing green for who knew how many years. Now, even when she closed her eyes, she saw green. She was sick of it. She had nausea every day from all the green. And the sun didn't help one bit. Summer had been sunburned so many times over her time being Queen of the Sun, she had lost count long ago. And those rabbits that came ever day to tease her--they made Summer want to hurl something, but she was always too weary to get up from her place on the Big Rock, the only place that could even start to cool her off. 

  Summer gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. She pushed herself up a bit, waved her arm across the valley, and immediately collapsed back onto the rock when she was finished. Closing her eyes, she wished that she could leave this place of heat and nauseating green. She hoped and wished for a chance to escape, to go somewhere cool and bright with other colors. Summer wiped the back of her hand against her brow and sighed. If only...

The End

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