3: Birds on the Brain

  Spring had her fingers in her ears. The blue birds, robins, and cardinals were swarming her. They were chirping at the top of their voices. They were a cloud of feathers above Spring's head. Now, Spring wished she hadn't made her robes out of flowers. And not just one--all of them.

  Why did spring have to be such a noisy season? There was a rabbit across from her. She had come here before. It seemed that she only came to watch the spectacle going on in front of her. She was contentedly nibbling on grass and staring at Spring.

  "Shoo!" Spring shouted at the bunny. The animal didn't move an inch. Spring wanted to scream and she almost did. She was so angry at all the noise and the activity. She just wanted to be alone. She wanted to hear silence. Silence had become such a foreign concept over time. Spring wanted so badly to rid herself of the sun and the liveliness around her.

  The birds were chirping louder now. They started flying closer and closer, trying to get to the sweet nectar in the middle of the flowers on Spring's robes. Spring literally tried to tear her hair out, but she couldn't get her hands to it--the birds were in the way. Their songs rang in her ears now.

Spring just squeezed her eyes closed and screamed.   


The End

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