1: Sick

Four sisters-Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Together, they control all living things.
One day, the Season Queens get sick of their job and they decide to switch places. But everything goes bad and there is no easy way to fix it.

    Winter was sick. Sick of the white. Sick of the cold. Sick of the hibernating animals that refused to come out and play. Sick of the…winter

     Spring was angry. Angry at all the chirping birds that would never leave her alone. Angry at the rain and the flowers whose bright colors hurt her eyes. Angry at the sun.

     Summer was weary. Weary of the happy little animals that bounded across the fields. Weary of the hot shining sun that bore down on her shoulders. Weary of the green. All the green.

     Autumn was just plain bored. Bored of the falling leaves. Bored of the squirrels scurrying about looking for nuts. Bored of the winds that rustled the treetops and of the clouds.


The End

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