“Is he okay?”

Curious heterochromatic eyes directed themselves to the nurse walking out of Fakir’s room. Switch didn’t even know why he cared how the surfer was doing, but he assumed it was due to some ridiculous form of pity. For such an active guy to be put on room arrest? It didn’t sound pleasant…

A single green eye met two different colored ones, a soft smile replacing the frustrated expression that had previously marred the clerics face. It made Humility happy to see Switch taking an interest, however small, in others. In a way, it was proof of how far he had come in the past few months. They weren’t quiet out of the woods with him yet, but at least she could say he was no longer on suicide watch.

An impatient expression was what brought the females thoughts back to his question. Frustration was what brought the frown back. “I had to reset his right leg again. If he keeps rebreaking it, he’ll permanently cripple himself. He really needs to relax, but it seems being out of commission for so long has him antsy. At the very least, his right hand is almost completely healed. Though knowing him, he’ll hit the gym once he realizes he can lift weights without needing to be spotted. Really, sometimes I wish I could just break spine so he’d be paralyzed and let his body heal!”

Arms crossed as a small huff escaped her. She could heal him, sure, and even if she couldn’t she could always ask her “brother” Rick to do it, but then Fakir wouldn’t learn anything! He had to stop being so reckless, or at the very least start fighting back more. Really, it was a miracle he was still as healthy as he was after all the times that damned exgang leader of his used the Floridian as a punching bag…

“….Maybe it’s on purpose?”

Looking to Switch, Humility could feel her face make a confused expression. Maybe what was on purpose? Fakir getting hurt all the time? That was just ridicule-

“I mean his leg rebreaking. Before his leg kept breaking he had a bullet wound that kept getting infected, right? And before that, the stitches in his back kept popping. However, these complications didn’t arise until certain events happened. It’s possible that it’s just his body being stubborn but… well, couldn’t stress cause someone to purposely injure themselves on accident? I… I think he’s hurting more than we realize.”

Humility took a moment to think it over when she realized it. She was stupid, not having noticed sooner… they all where. Looking to Switch, she lightly ruffled his hair in thanks before leaving to discuss the matter with Angel.

Switch, left confused and curious, decided to peak into the surfer’s room to examine his condition for himself. Upon opening, he was greeted with a “Hey, Switch!” and a carefree wave. That’s when Switch saw it for himself. He… had heard stories, but he hadn’t completely believed them. Not until now…

On Fakir’s face, in place of the expected frown or pout, was an expression as natural as any other, yet at the same time as fake a plastic. An evil thing that most living here had hoped would never return to the blonde dolphin lover. Closing the door, thin legs began running down the hall, Switch already searching for one of the only two people who may be able to fix the surfer.

The Smile had returned, and Switch did not wish for it to stay.

The End

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