Really just a test, this is probably just going to be a collection of drabbles based on a central character of mine. I may attempt a real story in the future, but as of now, this is all I can do.

Heterochromatic eyes gazed down at the multicolored cube, thin fingers working to solve the puzzle in record time. In all honesty, Switch may have had a better time of it had he turned on the lights in his “room”. He didn’t have a problem with lights anymore, save for the bright lights of a hospital room, but the darkness was still much preferred over daylight.

Solving the puzzle proved little problem for the male, even with the lights off. Placing the cube next to several other solved brain games, he reached for a new game when his door opened. Responding naturally he instantly covered his eyes in order to prevent momentary blindness. Really, the only thing worse than losing feeling was losing sight.

“Switch, you’re on the floor again? What’s the use in asking for a chair and table if you’re never going to use them?”  Switch was easily able to identify the voice as Humility’s. A kind girl who could easily be described as his best friend. Laughing weakly, Switch lifted his arm to rub the back of his head, cringing inwardly at the grinding sound his shoulder made. Hopefully Humble didn’t…

“That shoulder still acting up? I really wish you’d let me give you an early checkup for that…” Damn. She did notice. Standing, the thin male crossed the empty space of his room to meet his friend at the bottom of the stairs, slightly worried she’d trip in the darkness on her way down. “No way Humble! I worked hard to earn my two week intervals between checkups, no way am I giving that up for a grinding shoulder. Besides, my fist and ankle do the same. It’s no big deal.” Brushing off the subject, a mismatched gaze was drawn to the gadget held by the female. Instantly recoiling at the unfamiliar object, the male fearfully listened to the woman, wary gaze never once leaving the object.

“Calm down Switch. It’s not going to hurt you. It’s a game! I think you’ll like it!” Eyeing the object, it was clear Switch wasn’t convinced. That didn’t look like a game. Games where huge and hooked up to televisions, of which he had none. Besides that, he sucked at games. Humble knew that.  Reading her friends expression easily, Humility flipped open the object, a simple blue DS, pressing the power button and holding it out for the boy to examine. 

“Just give it a try! You’ll like it, I promise! It’s called Tetris.”

The End

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