Swimming at the 7 seas.

Jimmy is a little boy who's father is a sailor that works in an old store in New York called: "The JUNK!"

Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Jimmy who's father was a sailor in an old wooden store in New York called: "The JUNK!"

This store was managed by his father, created by his father, and directed by his father.

In other words, this store was made by noone else but his father, and ofcourse, a little help by Jimmy.

In an afternoon in The Junk, Jimmy punched his father slightly on his spine, his father turned around and saw Jimmy, he sighed and said: "What do you want now, Jimmy?"

Jimmy replied and said: "It's quite boring washing the dishes, I was thinking of maybe going on an adventure?", and as soon as Jimmy said that, his father dropped the dish he was working on, he then laughed and said while laughing: "You must be kidding, don't you know you must be over 10 years old to sail?", Jimmy nodded, smiled and said: "I don't know why you always forget, don't you know that I'm over 10 years old?", his father got shocked, and surprised, he quickly, without saying anything, grabbed Jimmy's hands and rushed off to his ship, his father said while running to the ship: "I promised myself that when you will grow older, I would show you my ship, and here it is!", as soon as his father said that, he pointed to a wooden ship that was made out of wooden planks and screws, once again, his father grabbed Jimmy's hands and threw him on the surface of the ship, his father said while laughing: "Welcome aboard pirate!", Jimmy kept a blank expression and said: "But father, I'm not yet prepared to sail, I need to collect my stuff, and I need some stuff to get me entertained", his father yelled: "Don't you worry about entertainment, I've got the right thing for you" then he grabbed a mop and handed it to Jimmy "Here, that will get you entertained" added his father.

Jimmy just curled his fingers around the wooden surface of the mop and began cleaning the dirty surface of the ship, the wooden planks were white, so dirt could literally appear on it, then Jimmy heard a yelling voice just under the surface he's working on, "I can't hear the mop, why can't I hear the mop?!" his father shouted while climbing up to the surface "I'm not paying you for anything" added his father, Jimmy nodded and said: "I would like to continue mopping, but only under one condition, if you actually paid me anything", then his father grabbed a cent and handed it to Jimmy, "Is that enough for you boy?" Jimmy annoyingly said: "No, no, it's not enough, it's not enough!" then he jumped out of the ship and fell on the water, he kept hisself under the water a little bit to drown himself, and then he died.

The End

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