You are always in last place on the swimming team. That is until you discover a mysterious potion .

                            " Ready. Get set. Go," screams the coach as you and several other people begin to tread for the finish line. Swimming hard you begin to close your eyes to keep the water from stinging them. In every race you end up in last place. Its a miracle that you are even on the team in the first place. Losing the race again you climb out of the water and run to the gym locker.

             "Its not far," you say banging your fist against the locker. Swimming was your life and you wanted to badly to at least get third place. Everybody teases you before going home and leaves you in the locker without a simple good bye. Getting up you begin to trudge home before hearing a whisper in the shadows.

              Following the whisper you end up in the schools basement in front of a bottle that says drink me. The drink has a weird purple color and smells awful. What do you do next?

Drink it 1

Leave it 2

Take it with you 3

The End

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