Swift. . .

I take a quick glimpse out of the white hammock every other swing. The two old red wood trees hold that hammock securely in place.It was so hard not to look through the leaves many stems and features that the sun bombed through.

I stop the swinging momentum and head back the small grazed path ahead. I soon see the amiable house/cabin up the path. The sun traced the branches of the trees along the well walked land.  I take a quick glance towards the barn to the back of the house.

When I was done being in my la la  land. I prompted my bridle near the door to head out to take a ride. Taking one quick look in the mirror. Or maybe it was longer then quick. I looked first at my hair,which was placed in a messy bun. Then at my old mascara from early this morning. I roll my eyes and head to the barn with the bridle in my hand. I quickly saw a tall elcipse that traced my best friend, Jackie. She was heading into one of the wooden stalls.

I quickly nod to her, as in get-your-horse-we-are-going-bareback-in-the-prairie. She was used to this command and quickly put her horse, Cookie in a halter. I grab my horse, Garnette. Garnette is great, her painted body always glimmering with glee. I slip the purple halter and lead her out of the barn following Jackie and Cookie who had already began. Jackie quickly mounts from the mounting block and I follow. I finally get by her side.

"Hey abba dabba. This summer is going to be a-hmazing. Remember the one thing that we promised eachother?" She asks smiling.
"Ya, boy friends. But I highly doubt we are going to get any out at this place," I say looking across the open land.
"Well, you are having that summer camp all summer. Your dad even built cabins for the kids."
" I know. But seriously, what ar ethe odds that the perfect guy will come along and happen to love to ride. Oh, and stay here all summer," I say laughing at that thought.
"Weirder things have happened," she says smirking. That got my a little worried. She's up to somthing.

The End

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