Sweetie Land

Emily and her friends Hannah and David were going on an adventure, when they found out that the school bullies were there Emiley tried to stand up to the bullie but the bullie is much more taller and stronger than Emily.

It was a lovley hot summers day, Emiley and her friends david and Hannnah decided to go on a Adventure. As they set off Hannah declared that who ever was last to the old oak was a hairy patato.

" Come on you guys" said Emily, Emily was the fastest she had long brown hair brown eyes and she loved to eat yellow jelly babies. Hannah was the  second fastest and the second tallest she had short blonde hair, blue eyes and she liked to play the piano. Now David he is the smallest and the slowest runner he has light brown hair. His eyes are brown with bits of green in them.

" You are the hariy patato david" Hannah shouted. The three of them sat down and ate there lunch, they had sandwiches, juice, cakes and a bag of sweets. "so where are we going to  go after we are finished  our lunch" asked Hannah, "why dont  we go to the park and then we can go to the old haunte house" David sugested. "Thats a great idia david!" said Hannah.  They went to the park and when they got there they saw some of the school bullies and  one of them wasent being nice to David so Emily stood up to her and the bullie pushed her over and Emily got a big cut on her leg.

So they left the park and went  over to the bench so Emily could sit down, But when she sat down the bench tippid over and she fell into a hole. " Emily, Emily where are you??" called David. " Emily it's not funny any more, emily come out come out where ever you are " called hannah. Hannah and David were worried about Emily they at first they thought she was playing a prank on them but they soon relised that she wasent.

Emily fell down down down........................................................

The End

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