Sweet Release

Writhing pain shot through her lower back in spurts as she walked in circles to try to get rid of it. These doctors were taking forever, as they always did. The ER was like that-you weren’t an emergency unless you were literally dying, or had blood shooting out of you from some place on your body. She walked around for another fifteen minutes before the alarm they gave her started beeping to signify they were ready. After she hobbled over to the desk, they stuck her in a wheelchair and wheeled her off to another room to wait.

Someone finally showed up to give her an IV. Seconds later, perfection was pulsing through her veins and she felt the sleep overtaking her. Fighting it was useless, considering she didn’t really want to in the first place. The only reason she might have would have been to prolong the medicine’s effect. It was cold and hot at the same time as it moved through her and she absolutely could not think of a better feeling in the whole world than the relief she was feeling right then. She would never tell anyone, but half the reason she never followed the doctors’ orders from previous visits  was because she almost wanted to come back to have this complete contentment again. It was unlike anything else she had ever experienced, and she never wanted to have to give it up. All of the troubles she was having melted away because her mind was not strong enough to think. All she wanted was some decent, uninterrupted sleep and nothing to think about, which is exactly what this gave her. It was smooth, and hot, like a good cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day. The effect would sometimes be heightened if she stayed still, and the hot blanket the nurses gave her helped as well. All of the pain she had been feeling ten minutes earlier seemed like a far away memory from years ago. She didn’t have anything to feel guilty about anymore either, because the money that was being spent to pay for this was now her own instead of her parents’. They had spent enough on her through the years, since this had started when she was twelve. The eight long months of going back and forth with the hospital for financial aid were well worth the hour of complete heaven. As soon as she knew everything was paid for, she wanted to go back…and back she was. Lying motionless on the hospital bed like a mannequin, her mind was also full of nothing. She vaguely recalled a memory from one of her first visits-her sister had bought her a CD-the first gift she had ever gotten in the hospital-and she could barely speak to thank her because the drugs were much too strong for her fifteen-year-old body. She attempted to get the words out nonetheless. Unfortunately, she had no idea what she had said to her the next day and was told it was rather entertaining to listen to her talk. "Almost like you were drunk…" they would say. She, however, had never had a drop in her life and was very intent on keeping it that way. She couldn’t deny though that these drugs were much too blissful, and, after the previous year, well-deserved. As sleep started to pull at her gently, she fought it for as long as she could. Soon though, her eyes drooped shut and she drifted off.

The End

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