Chapter 2Mature

"Hello Mr. and Mr. Weaver," Harry announced as he entered my house through the door that was always seemed to be open. My dad walked downstairs, pleased to Harry, one of the few of my friends he actually liked. Well, maybe it was because Harry was always at our house and he thought of him like the son he never had.

"Why are you here?" I asked, bluntly. He shook his head. "To take the bitch to the beach," he laughed, "damn that was funny." My dad laughed along with him. I looked at my dad for two reasons; the first reason was why the hell was he laughing, the second being a nod for approval. "You can go," he stated, for confirmation, "but be back before midnight." I smiled, taking Harry upstairs with me. "Should I be worried?" my dad joked. "Yes, Mr. Weaver," Harry said, "I'm going to rip her clothes off once we close the door." "Ok," my dad joked, "just be careful. Use a condom, please."

The benefit of having an unconventional family was that my dads weren't conservative overbearing freaks. I had freedom; I just had to use it wisely.

Harry closed the door on his way in. He opened my drawer, taking out a leapord print bra my mom had given me because her breasts had grown out of it. "That's my mom's," I grinned. He dropped it immediately. I threw a bikini in my bag, along with some money, and a book. Harry sat on my bed. "Did you tell your mom?" he asked, gazing at my ceiling. "Yeah. This morning, in fact," I said, feeling a little guilty about they way I came around saying it. "How'd she take it?" he continued. "Not good... she kinda told me to leave," I sighed. "Aw, that sucks. She just needs time. It's obvious that she never really got over your dad," he whispered. I sat next to him.

"I just feel really bad," I said, "I was such a bitch about it." "You ripped the bandage off... it's a lot easier than taking your time with it. Don't feel bad, Rae," he whispered. He placed his hand on mine. He hugged me, and kissed my forehead. "Let's go," I mumbled. We walked downstairs. "Bye Dad," I called, closing the door behind me. 


The End

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