Chapter 1Mature

I looked at my mom. She was smoking on her 2nd cigarette in that last 10 minutes. Her house was a mess, her smell was undescribable, and she was leaning over the counter in a nightgown that clearly showed her desperate need of a padded bra. "How are you? How's school?" she asked, trying to make polite conversation. "Mom. Please stop with the small talk. You suck at it. I came here for a reason," I sighed. "And what's that?" she replied, vaguely interested, raising her eyebrows, and putting out her cigarette. "Dad and Jeremy are thinking of having another kid, because obviously you're not going to be generous enough," I said, bluntly.

My mom and dad were still together when I was conceived. Few weeks later, my dad came out of the closet; my mom found out she was pregnant. My dad left my mom without knowing she was pregnant. And he found Jeremy. My mom kept me a secret from my dad for the 9 months. Soon, Jeremy and my dad married and were looking to start a family. They lived in San Diego by now and my mom still lived in Portland. My mom needed money, put me up for adoption and there we go. It was fate that my dad found me again. And it was fate that my mother chose the gay couple. She pitied "the gays", while she was out with a different man every night and could do it "the right way". My dad was extremely grateful to my mom and he helped her get settled in San Diego with the two other kids they had together. Jeremy on the other hand, thought my family was crazy. His deranged husband decided to let his ex-wife and his two kids move a few blocks away. My dad had adopted the kid he had conceived with his ex-wife. But Jeremy supported him throughout, even though he had to deal with "my bitch of a mother" everyday.

My mom was quiet. She yawned, and opened the fridge and got a can of beer. "You want?" she asked. Oh my god. It was shocking that she had raised two kids that got into Stanford. "No, mom. Thanks. But are you ok with that?" I insisted. "Ok with what?" she asked, obliviously. "With them having the kid?" I repeated. "They're not gonna go through with it, sweetie. I really highly doubt that your anal father could deal with a baby at his age," she smiled. "Mom, they've already interviewed 5 women," I said, hitting her with another few blunt words. She placed the can on the counter. "Tell your father I said hello. Close the door on your way out," she whispered.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag. I slammed the door shut, and walked into the sunlight. Squinting my eyes, I walked to the car and jammed the keys into the ignition. Damn. My mother could not handle things well.

The End

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