What's Going On With Me?Mature

This aching in my chest is getting worse and worse by the day. I feel more different than others than usual. Something's wrong and I don't know what. I'm starting to hear things, what's becoming of me now...

"You're not like other kids Lolita, that's why you can't play with them," the man said as he gently stroked her hair. "But papa, that doesn't make sense. I just want to make friends!" He gripped onto her hair, "They won't accept you Lolita, you only need papa to play with." She looked down and nodded, "Yes papa..." All she wanted was to play with the other kids but he... he knew what was going to happen and she too would soon find out. What makes her so different from society?

  "Lolita, Lolita it's time to wake up. You're going to be late for school if you don't get up." Lance shook me gently. I sat up and gave him a death look, "Lance... I'm a girl, you can't come into my room while I'm sleeping." "Oh, sorry, Gilbert is waiting outside for you. Hurry up so you can eat." Lance got up off the bed and left. I yawned and stretched. BUMDUMP. I held onto my chest, "What the hell was that..." 'You'll hear me soon Lolita... soon enough.' My eyes widened, what the hell was that noise? I got up and my head started pounding. I clenched onto the sides of my head in pain. This can't be normal... The pain faded and I went to my closet. I put on my short-sleeve black button up with red plaid across it, plaid skirt with black buckles attached, red and black knee-high socks, long black boots with buckles, and lastly, the necklace that Gilbert gave to me. I kissed the locket and brushed my hair and teeth then put on black eyeliner. I sighed, "Let's see how many people try to fight me this time." I never liked public school, I went there once for one day and I got into 4 fights and so Lance home-schooled me until now.

  I walked out and saw Gilbert. I couldn't believe how absolutely... sexy and indescribably gorgeous he looked. He had on a long-sleeve black button up with a deep blue tie that had safety pins in it, pitch black ripped skinny jeans with safety pins also holding the holes together slightly, black and white fingerless gloves, his piercings, black boots with chains and a buckle with a zipper, and his key necklace. I was blushing, he looked like a god...

  "Hello Lolita," he spoke so sweet and his voice sounded so seductive naturally. 

  "Hi Gilbert," I said softly.

  He came up to me and hugged me, "You look absolutely mesmerizing."

  I hugged him gently, "Thanks..."

  He held my hand, I love the way his touch feels. It makes me feel so protected... Not like...


  My head started pounding severely and my eyes widened, I clenched onto my head and dropped to the ground... Dad... Tears started to flow and I couldn't stop it, I knew I was going to have another flashback. 

  "Lolita! What's wrong, are you hurt?!" Gilbert held onto me and I started shaking.

  "Papa why are you cutting your arm!!!" She said with tears flowing down her cheeks.

  He grabbed her hand as the blood trickled down. She started screaming for him to stop and let go but he just slapped her. She fell to the floor. 

  "This will take all the pain away my dear sweet Lolita. You'll take away papa's pain won't you?" The man stroked her cheek gently.

  I was trembling, it was so vivid... His blood slowly trickled onto my hand and it felt so horrifying. I felt Gilbert holding me close and I saw his necklace. My eyes went wide as it started to glow and my heart start to pulse slowly. I looked down at my necklace as it too was glowing.

  'Does it hurt... Do you feel it dear Lolita? This is only the beginning,' a voice said.

  ....Does it hurt? Fuck yeah it hurts you fucking bitch! God what am I doing arguing with myself. This will all go away soon.

  "Lolita... Are you okay," Gilbert asked as he held me close.

  I just nodded as I got up slowly. I saw Gilbert staring behind me in awe and I was confused. 'Oh what fucking now?!' I turned around and saw the twins. Blanc was wearing a white and red dress with three red bows going down the chest. It had hearts and diamonds on the bottom part of the dress along with a red line right above the ruffles. Her stockings were white with a diamond at the top and her shoes were pink and had a big bow on the front and back along with three straps. She also wore short white fingerless gloves. On her hair was a headband with a large red diamond on it. The last thing on her was her poker card red diamond necklace. Noir, like always wore the same outfit, but hers was grey and black and the dress had hearts and spades.

  "Oh it's just you guys..." I said with a sigh of relief.

  They just stared at me like they knew something was wrong, but... that wasn't possible, right?

  "You're going to be late miss Lolita," said Noir in a cautious voice.

  "I don't suggest telling people you're an orphan is a good idea miss Lolita, please stay with monsieur Gilbert," said Blanc bluntly. It was the first time I had heard her speak French even though I knew it was her native language, she rarely spoke it.

  I just nodded. I didn't plan on talking to anyone in the first place anyway. Gilbert came over to me and grabbed my hand gently and looked at me. I could tell we were going to be late so we left. I still didn't feel right, I felt like something was trying to reach me. I clenched onto my locket and my heart raced a bit. 

  We finally got to school and I got my schedule, god damnit. I only had first period, P.E.,  and advisory with him, just fucking lovely. We walked to P.E. together and  he just waved off. I was kinda glad he didn't kiss me or anything, I didn't want people in my business already. I walked inside the girls' locker room... dear god I was not going to like this. I saw a girl in a brown ponytail holding a clipboard that stated "clothes". So, I got in line where the girl was and waited and finally got up to her.

  She had a valley girl voice like no other, it was so peppy when she said, "You must be new, well like totes don't fret I got covered~!" 

  Oh god how I wanted to punch her in the mouth when she handed me the clothes. I just walked off and then I heard a little scoff. It came from her.

  "You could have said thank you," she said with a rude attitude.

  "Yeah and you could try to have a less annoying voice miss 'everything is flowers and cupcakes'," I said as I walked to my locker.

  I feel the stares and I just glared and gave them the "fuck you" glare. I started to feel my heart tighten and I felt so much hate. I got dressed and I could hear the girls whispering about me. I finished getting dressed and the girl next to me was just staring at me. 

  "What, you got a problem or something," I blurted out without thinking. I was slowly reverting back to my old self and a part of me liked it.

    The girl just narrowed her eyes at me, "Watch yourself bitch, you don't know who I am so get off that fucking high horse and stop acting like you're better than all of us because you know what? You're worth about as much as the dirt." 

   I smiled, "Oh really? Because I was sure that you were the dirt you fucking skank."

    She looked like one too. She was medium-height, fair, red hair, green eyes, and since she hadn't gotten dressed yet I could see her knotted denim shirt, booty shorts, and leopard print high tops. Not that this was completely slutty, but the way she wore it, it was. She went to push me but I pushed her first and walked off out outside. 

  I went and found Gilbert and I saw 3 girls around Gilbert and I didn't like that. I went up to them and just stood outside of their little group until Gilbert noticed me.

  "Lolita these are my friends Xianna, Alexandria, and Lillian," he pointed to each of them.  

  Xianna had short black hair that looked styled but also like she just came out of bed, it was sorta cool. She was extremely pale like Gilbert and she had grey eyes which popped because of her smokey black eyeshadow. She wore a white button-up with a black tie and red skinny jeans with navy knee-high high tops. Alexandria had medium-length black hair with bangs that swept over her forehead. Her skin tone was very peachy and matched her light pink lips. Her eyes were hazel and were brought out by the very thin black eyeliner she wore. She was wearing a blue, purple, green, black, and white plaid button-up shirt with a navy blue skirt along with knee-high white socks and black converse. And the last one, Lillian, she looked a lot like Gilbert. She had bright blue hair that went into small curl-like waves with bangs that swept over her forehead. She was a bit more almond toned than me and she had orange-red lips and blue eyes made-up with eyeliner. She also had a nose ring in and a blue and white striped shirt with black pants and combat boots.

  Xianna came up to me, "Hallo Lolita, Gilbert talks a lot about you. I'm Xianna Van Ryn, I'm from Holland so please excuse my slight accent if you can't understand me. Oh and don't worry none of us have any interest in Gilbert." 

I blushed slightly, "I wasn't concerned about that but whatever..."

I saw the red-headed girl from the locker room come out and up to Gilbert. She was twirling her hair and was close to him. I got pissed and I went up to her.

"Hey skank what the fuck do you think you're doing," I said as I glared at her eye to eye.

She just looked at me, "I'm talking to MY gilly-boo, so buzz off you little emo slut."

I pushed her off of him, "He's not yours you fucking whore-" Xianna got in the middle of us.

"Get your ass away from Gilbert and Lolita before I personally see your head on a silver plater Victoria," she said as she glared.

Victoria just scoffed and walked off.

"Thanks," I said.

"Don't mention it," she said. 

Time passed and the bell rang for advisory. I went to the locker rooms and got changed. I walked to advisory with Gilbert. It was nice to walk alone with him all the way to advisory. When we got to advisory I had to stay standing up because I didn't have a seat yet. But the teacher did something that embarrassed the fuck out of me. The bell rang.

"Alright everyone take your seats, as you can see we have a new student. She just transfered her so please be kind to her, go ahead and introduce yourself," the teacher said as he patted my back.

I looked around, "My name is Lolita, I don't care to tell my last name unless I know you, so... yeah...."

The day went by slow after that. I don't know how much I can take of this stupid school. But what's happening to me...



The End

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