Looks Are Deceiving But Actions Are ClearMature

Just because a sign says something is sweet, does that really make it sweet? Things look sweet but are really sour. Actions are clear. If you risk your life for me, you don't want me to get hurt. But that doesn't mean actions can't trick you into thinking something else. Watching you closely, I'll find out, are you sour or sweet? Your actions will soon show your true intentions.

She ran in the flower garden giggling. She had a smile on her face and she ran over to her papa sitting on the porch. "Papa, Papa! Watch me spin, Watch me spin!" She began to spin around when he slapped her. She stopped and dropped to the ground. She sniffled and looked up at him, "Papa... What did I do wrong?" He growled with a glass of wine in his hand, "You're just like that horrid woman. Do you want to be like her? Spinning around and prancing around like you can do anything?" "No papa... I'm sorry, I'll stop." She went and sat near the roses and stayed quite for the rest of the day.

It's been a month since Gilbert kissed me... I could still feel his warm lips on mine. I sat up from my bed, I wished that he lived here with me but he lives with his brother, Sebastian. He doesn't talk much about him but I really don't mind. But he does visit me whenever he can, considering he has school. I got up and got dressed in a black studded jacket, red and black plaid skinny jeans, neon blue skull cat earrings, rainbow belt, black fingerless gloves, rainbow kandi cuffs, & my shiny black buckle boots. I went into the halls and saw... them. If I wasn't at the orphanage, these kids would be the most anti-social kids in the whole place. Two gorgeous twin girls. The older one with beautiful blonde white hair and mesmerizing blue eyes on the right wearing a frilled lolita dress with 4 bows, two on the skirt, one on the stomach and one on the top of the chest. The dress was white and black on the chest and it was black in the ruffles. She had a black choker with a cream rose on. Her stockings were white with black bows. She wore two light pink rose stud earrings. And her shoes were short white flat heels with three bows. It seems like she is so sweet and caring. Very loving and cutesy. Clinging onto her arm on the left was the younger one. A girl with spell-binding midnight black hair and chocolate eyes.  She had on the same exact outfit... almost. Her dress was black and white instead of white and black so the pattern was reversed. Her choker was black with a red rose on it. Her stockings, just like her sister, had a bow but were black with white bows. She wore two red stud earrings. And her shoes were the same as her sisters' but black. Seems like she is very dark and spiteful. Not like her seemingly "sweet" sister, right? If you thought that, you're an idiot.

Looks are very deceiving. And those twins are the prime example, they like confusing people with their look, that's how they keep their distance from others. The eldest dresses sweet and light to seem loving and cute while the younger dresses dark to seem mean. The truth is the eldest is mean, aggressive, and sometimes even scary and dark. The younger is sweet and caring but a kind of a scaredy-cat. But no one would ever dare call her that in front of her big twin sister. She defends her younger sister from others and keeps her with her at all times but the younger doesn't mind. 

I bet you wanna know who they are. They are the Nightmare twins. Noir and Blanc Nightmare. In case you're wondering, Noir is youngest and Blanc is eldest. I've always liked them, even though I've never talked to them we have some odd connection. They have said that they like me before. Oh, that's another thing. They are do the creepy, talking in unison ALL the time thing. 

Noir looked over at me and stopped Blanc. Blanc looked at her and then looked at me. They both waved at the same time. I waved back. Noir signaled me to come over and I did. Noir had such a sweet soft-spoken voice, "Good morning miss Lolita." She is also very polite, so is her sister but not as much. "Good morning Noir, Blanc. You look very lovely today, both of you." Noir curtseyed, "Thank you very much." "Good morning and thank you Lolita. You look nice as well." Blanc did a small curtsey. "Thank you Blanc. So where are you going?" "We're going on a small picnic. Noir made me food and I'm honored to eat it," she said as she smiled at Noir. Noir blushed and smiled, "Anything for Blanc..." Blanc pressed their foreheads together, "Je T'aime ma douce Noir." Noir blushed, "Je T'aime trop Blanc." I didn't think much of them being so affectionate towards each other. They only ever had each other so it's not very surprising how close they are.

Noir gave my another curtsey, "It's been nice talking to you miss Lolita." Blanc bowed at me, "We'll be taking our leave, see you again another time." They walked off in unison. I gripped onto my heart necklace and kissed it. I haven't changed much but I've been a bit more social. I still don't trust people though, I am taking a huge risk with Gilbert. But somehow I feel... I feel as if he is different. But his actions will show me his true intentions. Even if he doesn't really care, for now I'll allow myself to be fooled. I don't want this love to be taken just yet... A tear fell down my cheek. I didn't want to think about it, him not really caring for me.

I felt someone wrap their warm arms around my waist and pull me close. They whispered close to my ear, "Hello my sweet Lollipop." I blushed and looked up at him, "Gilbert... You say such embarrassing things." He just smiled, "You don't seem to have a problem with it." "Yeah, yeah well keep your hands above the waist, we aren't together yet. I still need to see your true self," I looked away blushing. He just kissed the top of my head, "No matter what, I'll do anything to get you to love me. You will be mine my sweet princess." I smiled a bit, "You're gonna have to work for it Romeo." He let go and got on one knee and kissed my hand, "I won't give up until I get my Juliet." He always made me get butterflies. "You're too sweet for your own good you know that?" I laughed a bit. He chuckled, "Yeah and you're too gorgeous to be human." I gave him a small kiss on the cheek, "That's sweet Gilbert, no one has ever treated me like you do." He picked me up and spun me around. I loved being with him. I felt the stare of someone when he put me down. I turned around.

"Hi Lolita, Gilbert," Lance said as he smiled. Lance has been acting weirder and weirder ever since Gilbert started seeing me ever so often. "Gilbert why is there a car outside," Lance asked as he stood there. "It's my brother, I have news for both of you," Gilbert smiled, noticing Lance's jealousy. "What is it Gil," I looked at him. "My brother wants to adopt you, we can live together!" I almost fainted, "WHAT! But wouldn't that make us brother and sister?!" "No because he is just my guardian, not my dad," he smiled. Lance looked shocked, "No Lolita..." "Gilbert, I- Let me think about it..." I blushed and hugged him. He held me sweetly. Lance did something I never knew he could, blew up. "No Lolita you can't! I've been planning on adopting you for years! I was waiting for the right time, please don't let his brother adopt you. I want to be the one to adopt you!" I looked wide-eyed at Lance, "Lance... How long have you felt this way?" "Ever since I first brought you here... Please Lolita, let me adopt you, you can even go to school with Gilbert if you want!" He offered me something I couldn't pass up. "Alright, you can adopt me Lance. But don't think that means you get to control me. Sorry Gil, but I can go to school with you and you can walk me back here and always visit me." He nodded. Lance just smiled, "Thank you Lolita!"

A few hours passed and Lance adopted me. I plan to stay at the orphanage though, just as a place to live. Lance lives here too so it's still works. "Lolita, I already planned on getting you into school so you start tomorrow," Lance said with a smile. "Okay." I went to my bed and went to bed. I get to be with my Gilbert, I'm so happy. I snuggled my pillow.

Love is sweet but also bitter. How will you make it for me?


Je T'aime ma douce Noir- I love you my sweet Noir.

Je T'aime trop Blanc- I love you too Blanc.

The End

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