Hearts With Locks And Searching KeysMature

Every heart has a lock that has a key to unlock it, some locks never find their key. Some locks have barriers making it harder to find and put the lock in it. Could you be the missing key to unlock this lock covered in a barrier of chains? Or will this lock stay unopened and distant from the world forever?

She wandered the forest looking for her next meal. She had a knife in hand, ready to skin and eat the next thing she saw. She didn't know any better, this was the only way she would get a meal. A rabbit appeared, she hated when that was what she had to eat. In fact, the first time she had to kill a rabbit to eat it, she cried and puked after she ate it. Slowly, she crept up behind the rabbit and stabbed it. Then grabbed it quickly just in case, so it wouldn't run off. "Sweet little one, I'm sorry for ending you, I don't enjoy eating you but I don't wish to die... not just yet," she said as she stroked its' fur. "I can't die... Not until he sees what he has made me do... What he's done to me..." Her gorgeous amber eyes looked down. "The monster I've been turned into, his creation... Will never be undone."

I ran into the orphanage with Gilbert in my arms. "LANCE!!!!" I screamed loud, it startled all the workers and even some of the children. Lance ran over to me immediately, "Lolita what's wron-" I didn't even let him finish, "Help him please! He fell from a tree and then he closed his eyes and he may be going into a coma!" Lance put his hands on my shoulders, "Lolita calm down, we'll have a nurse take a look at him right away." He went to go and take Gilbert from me. I held him close to me, no I didn't want him to take him away from me. "Lolita, I can't help him if you don't let go of him," Lance said holding his hands out. I bit my lip, I had to not be selfish right now. "Fine... Just help him," I said as I gave Gilbert to Lance. Lance called a nurse over and they started walking to a room, I followed.

I watched as Lance laid Gilbert down. I knew that once Gilbert got better, I would show him how much I appreciate what he did for me. 'Please don't go into a coma...' I held onto my heart necklace tightly, that's when I noticed something. I looked at Gilbert's neck, he had a key necklace that looks sorta like my heart necklace. It was a crown key with four red jewels on the key and six red jewels on the actual chain. Did he... No. I looked at my heart necklace and where that bird and dual swords, in the middle was a key hole. I blushed, why is he doing this to me! Why does he care so much! My eyes widened. I knew him before that day in the cafe... 


She wandered the forest when she saw him, a boy with gorgeous blue hair. He was hunting, just like her. She just looked away. The boy saw her and was mesmerized. For the rest of that day he hunted all around her. And they always saw each other in the forest. One day she saw a whole fox dead waiting for her. Strange as it seems to others but to her it was a miracle she got a free dead fox. Attached to it was note reading, 'To my forest princess. From a lonely prince' She threw the note, not acknowledging it.

"... Then at least I'll know that the last thing I'll have seen was my princess."

 That boy... He never forgot me? This is crazy! No fucking way this is happening to me. "Lolita, I have news for you but I don't think you're going to like it," Lance came over to me and looked like someone kicked a puppy or something. "What? Is he going to be okay?" "The nurse said he did in fact go into a coma... We don't know when he will wake up... But he will wake up at least." He tried to smile but I could see he was upset for me. "He's staying with me..." Lance looked at me shocked, "What?" "You heard me Lance, he's staying with me, in my room." I owe this boy more than I knew... "Are you crazy Lolita?! He's a boy and plus his parents are probably worried sick and will want him home," Lance looked at me as if I was crazy. I knew in my head he was kinda right, but fuck, Gilbert was going to stay in the medical room in our orphanage until he woke up... I felt the urge to cut. I couldn't stand this anymore.

"Lance, he is staying in this orphanage, I need to go to my room now though." I left him with that and he was going to listen to me. I walked over to Gilbert and whispered in his ear, "I won't let you get hurt... Not like others have hurt me, you have protection..." I walked out and went over to my room and got a blade. My heart hurt too much. I pulled my gloves off and started slitting my wrist. It felt like ecstasy, it was the only thing that let me know I could still feel. 

"You look like a princess... Your beauty..."

I was melting for this boy... I never thought I could ever meet anyone like him. I stopped cutting and put the blade away and my gloves back on. I started crying, I knew I had Lance who cared for me but... I wanted this boy to be there for me... I needed him to be okay. I fell asleep slowly.

It had been weeks since Gilbert went into a coma. All I had done was sleep. It was finally the morning of the first day of the 4th week. I woke up and got ready. I wore a long sleeve black and red stripped shirt, black skinny jeans, and black knee-high combat boots. I walked into Gilbert's room and saw him getting a shirt on and I blushed like I never have before. He looked at me and smiled, "Good morning my princess." I wasn't thinking and I ran up to him and hugged him with tears in my eyes. "I told you not to close your eyes!" He held me against his chest and my heart was pounding, "I'm sorry... But I'm okay, I- never mind I won't say that." "Say what? You'll never leave me? I want to hear you say that... I give up... I remember you now and that was the last straw..." He held me by my waist, "Did you remember talking to me when we were younger? I had such a crush on you... And I still do... Princess, I'll never leave you." I was in tears, "I'm not giving you my heart right away... But... I want to give it to you, when you show me that you deserve it. And if I do ever give it to you... Please give my heart and soul the warmth I lost so long ago..." He nodded. "Princess..." "Yes Gilbert?" He put his forehead to mine, "Can I kiss you?" I bit my lip, "Just this once, then you have to earn my kiss." He smiled and nodded. He put his finger under my chin and gently kissed me. I had tears streaming down my face, oh god what am I getting myself into.

You call me your princess, I want to call you my prince but not just yet... You'll bring out memories I spent years locking up. But I hope one day you can earn the title of my dearest love. Please bring me back to life and relinquish the hate and sorrow that man has caused me.


The End

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