Innocence Turns Into Darkness And Strange DesiresMature

If I told you I missed being able to love people I would be lying... It becomes easier to deal with being cold and distant, it's better to not be fooled in this cruel world with the sick game of love. And if that's true... why do I want to be so close to you?

"No man but me will ever want you Lolita so just appreciate how much I love you..." He said as he gently stroked her cheek. She had tears streaming down her cheeks, she loved her papa very much... She didn't understand why he would do this to her. "Lolita, go get papa some wine," the man said as he tightened his robe. She nodded softly as she got up, you could see the blue and black bruises on her creamy white skin. Her father always did this. He would touch her in odd places without explanation and then she would feel so dirty... But he always said he loved her, no matter how many times he hit her or left marks on her. But sometimes he would get drunk or upset at her and start screaming at her and hurt her to the point where she couldn't move... She was slightly limping to the door, "Lolita..." She looked back. She never ignored her papa. "Hmm?" "I Love You." She spoke so apathetically and with dull eyes, "I love papa too..." She walked into the bathroom and sat in the shower with tears streaming down, trying to try to scrub away the filth she would never get rid of...

I woke up in my room in the orphanage. Lance must have found me and taken me inside. I sat up and felt something around my neck. I looked down and saw it... The most gorgeous thing I've ever seen... A heart locket with wings and a crown. On the heart was a bird with two swords crossing. On the crown and bottom of the heart were little red gems. And lastly the wings, they were open but could close. I felt like this was a symbol of my heart... but how did it get on me and... who put it on me? 'Lance? No way... Why would he just randomly put a heart necklace on me.' My eyes widened, 'Was it that boy... No, I didn't feel him put anything on me before I ran away from him.' I shook my head and got up. It didn't matter who put the necklace on me, it had no special value to me, just a pretty item... I went and brushed my hair then went to my closet. I grabbed my clothes and then went over to my drawers. I pulled out my long stripped black and red fingerless gloves and put them on. Then I put on my black button up shirt, red and black plaid pants, and black strapped boots. I grabbed my phone and went out into the main halls. I felt the necklace bounce as I walked. "Lolita!!!" I've heard that voice before... 'Lance...' "Hmm?" I looked forward and he came right in front of me like lightning. He hugged me tight and almost defensively. I just let it slide, I did probably worry him...

"Who was that guy that brought you here? And why did he put that necklace on you?!" Lance looked at me as if he was jealous. "He's no one, and it's none of your business anyway. But he's the one who put this on me?" I didn't appreciate him acting as if I was his or as if he was my protector, I don't need anyone to look out for me. "Lolita... I was so worried and when he showed up with you in his arms I thought he hurt you... I just want to make sure you're okay," Lance went to go stroke my hair when I smacked his hand away. "Lance I appreciate that you want to help but I don't want your help... I'm fine and he is nothing to worry about." I turned away and started to walk, "Lolita I hate that you are so distant... I just want to be close to you." "Lance..." I turned to him and looked at him in the eyes to try to be sweet but I couldn't. I bit my lip, "Please stop being so nice to me... I don't want to get attached to something I could lose so easily..." I turned and walked out the front doors.

I looked down at the necklace and held it in my palm. I felt my heart skip a beat... It was warm... I held it up to my face and did something odd. I sniffed it. Don't ask me what possessed me to sniff it. I just... needed to see what it smelled like. It smelt warm and comforting... Things I hadn't experienced in years. I started walking into the woods. I could hear nothing but silence and it was seemingly peaceful... for a moment.

I heard a large thud. I ran over to the noise and saw him... The gorgeous blue haired boy. I just stood there for a moment. I ran over to him. He was laying on ground, motionless. I shook him gently, "Hey, blue-" 'My name is Gilbert Slayer' "Gilbert answer me," I was holding this boy in my arms, his warmth slowly slipping. I didn't want to know that I could have helped... I had to make sure he was okay. I did something I would never do to any other person. I hugged him and held him against me. "Please answer me." I thought about the necklace. He groaned slightly, "Princess...?" My eyes widened, 'Princess?'  "Gilbert, it's Lolita, I need you to stay awake, you fell hard onto the ground from a tree. Please don't close your eyes." I didn't care that he called me princess, I just cared that he listened and didn't close his eyes. He smiled slightly, "I'm fine princess, thank you for caring." He sat up and hugged me, "I'm glad you like the present." I looked at him, "Why are you calling me princess?" 

It was so weird. He smiled gently at me with his emerald green eyes. They were so captivating... "You look like a princess... Your beauty," he put his hand on my cheek. I never felt this warm before. I stumbled with my words a bit, "Why did you give me this necklace?" "I want you to have something to think of me... I know we just met but I want to be close to you somehow..." He started to close his eyes. No... "Gilbert! No don't close your eyes, you'll go into a coma!" He whispered into my ear, "Then at least I know the last thing I'll have seen was my princess." He fell limp in my arms. "Gilbert!!!" I shook him, "GILBERT! Please get up!" I clenched onto him tightly. I picked him up and headed for the orphanage. 'I won't let anything hurt you in my presence Gilbert, not until I show you how much I appreciate you.'

I thought I would never want to be near anyone. But that all changed on that day... When I met you. Please never hurt me like he did.

The End

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