CH 4 Facing The CamerasMature

   Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Was all I could think when my alarm went off for school. My eye sight was disoriented and I was covered in sweat. This time I didn't stiffle a giggle or swoon. This time I didn't have a wild fantasy, or have my body react like I had recieved the best sex ever. The fear crashed round my body, like a raging storm, ready to disrupt my life and make him worse?

   For once my Gurdian Angel did not invade my mind completly, yes he was there. Always will be, but for once, I wasn't lusting over him. I'm in complete panic and i dont know what the fuck am gonna  do.

   How? How was i going to explain what he'd done to me? To my mother? Kicking back the covers, i go to my open curtains and look out.

   The sun's blaring, the pavement looked steaming hot. Shit, i can't get away with wearing a scarf or something to cover HIS marks. I stand their a few minutes just wishing. I wish i could stop time. To bring my world back to harmony but i can't im drowning in the air, im drowning from the pain.

   Glancing at the clock after several minutes, i realise if i dont get my act together soon, i might actually be late. Contemplating this as i pull out some underwear, a jumper and some trousers from my dresser, would it actually be a bad thing? to be late?

   One, Two, Three. He's up thumping about and probably demanding his breakfast. I can imagine His slave, making her face, look pretty for her Loved one. The one that gives her EVERYTHING.

   Glancing towards my baricaded door, i take a huge gulp of air, to calm my nerves and to gather my strength. I start to move the various amount of furniture away from my door. That's when i realise, Jack hasn't said one word, I can hear him stomping around, but no threats, no threats of death. No crack of his belt seven times. Nothing. Moving the rest of the furniture out of the way, with my new found strength. I open the door as silent as a mouse. I glance out quicky and soon realise that i'm on my own.

   The thumping wasn't from them? I sneak out and check every single room. Nothing. All their clothes are still there, everything. The remote and his beer can are in the same place in the living room as they were last night. Why hadn't mother moved them? She always does.

   Not panicing. Grabbing my school bag, I make my way to the door to face the worse day of my life.


"Layla oh my god, Layla are you okay?" Stevie asked panicing.

   She had never seen my face so bruised, never seen my face so grieve stricken and painful. I could tell I was worrying her but what could I do? This was out of my power now.

   Sat in drama. My favourite subject ever and I couldn't concentrate. Instead of my acting making me the center of attenion, as soon as I had walked in my face was the gossip of the two hours. The story I came up with was that I had got mugged. That was all I had to say and Stevies' love heart face dropped. I hated lieing to her, i hated it but she couldn't know the truth. Ever. No one could.

   Stevie is my best friend of 7 years. She's the most caring and loving person i have ever had in my life. I told her everything, even the start of my dreams, but now she doesn't know how extreme they've become. How he invades my dreams', my mind twenty four seven now. Smiling towards Stevie, in a reassuring way, i glance at the teacher to make sure my physical theatre was correct and that i was doing the motorbike the same as they did in one of berkoffs plays.

"Are you sure your okay Layla?" questioned Stevie. The worry was so obviously etched on her face.

"I'm fine Stevie, please don't worry" I smile sweetly.

   Turning back to the teacher to ignore Stevies' pleading eye's. I try to focus on her actions, and my actions as we transform our bodies into furniture, objects as my mind becomes blurred. I stand up and tell the teacher im feeling quite dizzy, she lets me sit out and watch. Stevies' worried eyes never leave my face. I'll have to explain i thought, has the terror hit me. She isn't taking my cover story.

   Dinner was the worst having to face the cameras.. Trying to sit and eat your dinner with your friends in peace was unacceptable today, everyone either stared at me with the least bit of concern on their face. All they wanted was the gossip?

   I turned to talk to Stevie and Danielle, my Biology partner. The first of the flock came up and asked me what had happened to my face. I could tell from their excitment they wanted something shocking and thrilling. So i gave it them.I followed the story i told to Stevie, but i overexaggerated it. Made it seem more fasinating and terrifying. To the point where it was unbelieveable, maybe this would guide the camera spot lights in another direction?. The majority of the Canteen were crowded round our table, and suddenly i couldn't take any more. Their eager faces, the light in their eyes, has they listened to my fake story.

   My breathing had become heavy, my heart pounded in my chest thats when i panicked. I ran out of the canteen. I ran out of school. I ran to the one place i felt the most at risk.

The End

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