I am not afriad, I am not afraid I chanted as I could feel his heart beating under my hand. I will not look up, I will not regret falling in love with this creature.

   I could feel him stiffen as he felt the electricity of my blood run through my hand into his chest. I could sense his thrist, I could see his crazed red-blooded eyes in my mind, waiting for me to just sacrifiace myself. I will not. His hands cupped my face and softly lifted my neck to his lips.

   I gasped as I could feel his fangs nibble my skin. Pleasure and love ran through my veins. The electricity, the heat could not be ignored. The soft gasps coming from my opened mouth made him look up.

   Was I dead? Was I now a creature of the night?

   I closed my eyes and tried to regain my breath. I could feel the hurt and the pain run down my face. Could he see them?. I could hear his panting, I could imagine my angel, my love covered in my blood dripping from them daggers, one, two, three, four drops off each deadly fang.

   I did not want this. I could feel him softly stroking my face, catching my tears. As I opened my eyes, there he was perfectly composed. Five, Six, Seven times he tenderly kissed me on my neck.

"Layla.. I.." sighing he turned to look away from me.

Thats when I noticed, Eight, Nine, Ten. There was no blood.

The End

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