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   Every bump, every joint, every hair tingled with excitement, with fear. Sweat ran down my nose. My whole body twitched, every muscle, every organ was alive, my breathing heavy and husky.

   What was happening to me? i thought as my eyes suddenly snapped into focus. Where am i?

    Running my hands through my hair, i stifled a little giggle and sighed, falling back against my pillow. How come my body reacts like this? when it was more like a nightmare.

"Jeez Layla your insane" i whisper giggling to myself.

   Plumping my pillow and re-arranging my bed, willing myself back to him, i catch the reflection of myself in the mirror.

  Nothing special about me, an ordinary college student, living with my mother and ....her husband. The pale moonlight, catchs my cheek, and the sight startles me, my cheek is bruised.

   My eyes swollen, black and blue bruising covers the whole of my cheek. Touching it i grimaced....., how am i going to expalin this at college? What is everyone going to say? I can't just say i walked into a door.....can i? No i can't lie, lieings not my thing, its his thing.

   Tugging at my hair trying to flatten it down over my face, i realise what my mother would think if she saw me.

"That i brought it all on my self, that i shouldn't of been cheeky".

   Im 17 for christ's sake! Why can't she see what a complete pyscho he is? Because everyone else can. My mother acts like were such a perfect family, but instead were broken. I haven't even left my room in three days and no one even wonders where the hell i am or even if i have eaten. No one cares, but him.

   He's in every single dream without a fail, he cares. The abanormal thing is, he doesn't even exist. A figure of my imagination, brought to life, to make my life a bit more exciting and bearable.

   In my dreams' i feel real, i feel like i exist. My god. I ponder at the thought of him being my god, the god of my dreams. Leaning over to my bedside table, something flutters like a butterfly onto the floor. I can't even be bothered to pick it up.

   Mother. I wish you were here hugging me, telling me we could leave this nightmare, be a proper family again.

   All you care about is him, do you even know what he's doing to me. The pain he puts me through every single night. Tears trinkle down my face as i think of my mother.

   I wish she could feel my presence, to know that i haven't completly given up, that i am still waiting for an escape. I wonder how she is, i haven't seen her in 3 days. I turn to look at his and her bedroom wall.

"Mummy?" My voice comes out thick and meek

 "Mummy can you hear me?" i sigh and let the night engulf me as i slid into bed.

   I'd do anything to make him real? I'd climb to the highest mountain, eat the healthiest food.

   Insane Layla, Insane. Getting up i walk towards my window, and shift my curtain out the way, just to look at the beautiful stars. The sky is alive tonight, so starlit, so stunning. You could just lose yourself in them, just like his eyes.

    God, his eyes menacing yet, absolutly truly magnifcent. My beast. For the first time i pray. I pray to him, i pray to some sort of god, to save me, to help me escape, to find me the one person i have ever felt at peace with.

   Thats when it starts again. Step one the threats. I can hear the monster screaming abuse at my so called mother.

"You bitch, how dare you disobey me, you do as i say. I'm your husband" the monster screams

"My darling please calm down, i'm sorry. Let's just.... just go back to sleep" She replies

"No way, you will pay"

   Thats when she screams, one,two,three times he whips her with his belt, the noise sends shivers down my spine.

   His laughter rings through out the whole house. His laughter reminds me of the first day he fount out about my dreams I can imagine his piercing laughter, his malicious smile as he rips into me, whilst she just watches.

'Dreaming of him again, your so-called  gurdian angel, where is he now? No one loves you but me.'

   He used whatever came to hand, a remote, his belt. Absolutly anything he would try and belt me with. She stands over me when hes done, looking down on me like an angel, so beautiful and composed.

   The day she walked out on me bleeding, was the day i stopped believing in angels. Step two, the furniture starts suffering.

   Don't think, go back to sleep i will myself. The arguement is getting louder, furniture is being thrown. What should i do? What can i do? I'm powerless. When will this end? i can't take it, i can' t take it, i just can't take it! It's driving me insane.

   I roll over and glance at the clock, half two in the morning, does the devil ever sleep? I can't get the image of him out of my mind, he doesn't even exist, he's part of my mind.

   I ponder at the thought of him ripping out Jack the bastard's throat, taking me away. Would Jack let me go so easily? Could i be so heartless, leaving my mother?

   Everytime i think of him, my body just reacts in such a way. Pleasure and pain mixed into one. It makes me feel overwhelming happiness, but at the same time i feel so distraught my heart breaks.

   My phone buzzes and as i read on it, a sense of disbelief crashes all around me like a raging wave.

 "Layla pack a few things we're out of here".

   How can he? How can he take me away from my mum? What right does he have? I wish my father was here, i can imagine how he'd like to kick Jack the Basterds ass.

   I get up and hurridly move my cabinet in front of the door, i collapse to the foor. My energy, my fight and my strength has been destroyed by the pain of suriving.

   Silent tears trickle down my bruised cheeks as i slide down the cabinet. Hunched over, i put all my strength against the cabinet, to keep him from getting in.

   I can feel him, stomping, screaming, abusing. It feels like the whole of my room pulsates with his anger.

"JESUS CHRIST LAYLA" he screams, as he tries to shove open my door.

"No leave me alone, go away" One, Two, Three...

"You stupid bitch, if you don't open this goddamn door, im gonna..ARGH just open this goddam door!" He Screams.

Four, Five, Six, Seven..

"Just go away" i whisper silently "Just go away"

   Pulling my pillow over my head, i sing her lullaby to myself quietly. Silent tears trickle down my cheeks, my heart aches with every word sang, as i ignore his distant threats from the other side of the door.

    An Angel watches over you,

    At night she stands by your bed.

    She tucks the covers under your chin

    And kisses your sleeping head.

    Sleep well, my darling child.

    And dream your gentle dreams,

    For your Guardian Angel bears

    Your hopes on his wings


    Maybe Jack's right, where is my so called gurdian angel now?

The End

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