Sweet dreams part 2-his story

I see her watching from across the room, she is unique and elegant. Her red lips call for me to place my lips upon them. She is looking over, I play it cool and breathe in deeply. Turning to retrieve my drink, I swivel back around to meet her disappearance. I throw back my beer and head for the door. After all I had been there for two hours, and she was the only potential being worth sharing space with.

I climbed in my car and gained entry to the road ahead. As I coasted down Main Ave, I had this strange urge to go back. I pulled over to the nearest service station and sat for what felt like moments. Then I made up my mind, headed back to the place I had seen my Angel. Without hesitation I swiftly headed toward the door.

There she was just glowing, and then she saw me as well. Before I could even make contact, she was propelled into the crowd. I tried to fight my way to her, and finally I was behind her. I took a chance that show wouldn't be alarmed as I slowly slid my arm around her waist. She smelled so pleasant and I was sure she would. Her soft silky hair brisked across my face. I could hardly contain my composure as I exhaled. I cautiously circled her around to my view and she gazed into my eyes, I was lost in her at that moment. I gentle guided her outside toward the parking lot.

The night air was just right, and the moon so full as it shone down on her pale skin. I couldn't help myself, next thing I knew my lips were approaching hers. Ecstasy imploded my mind, and I couldn't sleep I just held her close to me. I know this was not allowed, I know it was forbidden. A chance like this can only come with great meaning. I was hoping the weren't tracking me to closely. 

Before I could even finish that thought, I felt them, and I knew I had to get her out of here. I couldn't let her innocence be taken because of my stupidity. I grabbed her hand and lead her down an alley way. I had to buy time to get her home safely. I decided to create a diversion, and make it seem as she had fallen. I would transport her back home, hoping she had her ID with an address on it.

OK, here goes. It was over in a matter of seconds. I placed her slowly on the bed, and exited the window. I stayed for a few moments to watch her wake from the heavy slumber induced travel. She was so beautiful as she jolted upward in confusion. I hated to leave her, but I had to ensure her safety. I slowly backed away and into the night.

part 3-the others...coming soon

Unless anyone wants to jump in feel free..

The End

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