Sweet dreams

Consumed by excitement, as my painted  red lips grin mischievously. My entrance is met with bright lights and loud music. Scanning the crowd my eyes halt on a figure at the bar. Eyes glowing of mystery, a sudden chill caresses my spine, I have to know him. I glance one more, only to me met with seductive smile. I quickly turn in a nervous frenzy, and I imagine how his lips would feel on mine. A shiver jolts me forward, almost tripping over my heels. With hurried recovery I make my way to the rest room to gather myself.

Once contained and calm, I decide to grab a drink. To my disappointment, I don't see the sultry stranger, that moments ago stole my breath with once glimpse. I proceeded to the bar anyway and slammed a few shots. As the night grew late , I grew bored, after waving off several dance invitations I decided it was time to go.

Then in the doorway, he stood and my heart stopped. I was frozen as if I was dreaming, yet I could sense everything around me. The temperature was warm, the stale smell of cigarette smoke jostled about the place. I took a deep breathe and roamed gently toward the exit.

Out of nowhere I was forced forward, tumbling into the crowd. I tried to fight my way through the swarm of people, but I was defenseless against the adrenaline pumping party goers. Bumped and pushed from side to side , I finally made it to my destination. Of course with a few more bruises then I arrived with.

I reached for the handle just as an arm swept around my waist, twirling me around with such suppleness. For a moment I thought I had lost consciousness, then I peered up into his memorizing eyes. His beauty was even more exquisite up close, I could barely inhale. Blood pulsated through my veins and my throat thirsted for his kiss. Butterflies invaded my stomach and everything around me  vanished.

His touch was like heaven and I melted in his muscular arms as we escaped the madness within.

Once outside he pulled me close and ran his fingers down my check and cupped my chin. His supple lips invaded mine, and my body tingled all over. Exploding with emotions I never dream existed. He didn't say a word, just held me tight against his chest. The smell of him lingered beneath my nose and my breathing rapidly increased. My hormones were uncontrolled and I was no longer able to contain my actions. I was certain this was the best night of my life, as I exhaled with passion.

He lead me down an alley, his hand tightly gripping mine. What must have been several minutes passed, but still we were jogging down a long narrow road. Out of nowhere something was tugging at me feet, and I veered toward the hard cement. I blacked out, waking in a panic, I was alone.

The End

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