Sweet DreamsMature

Based on A Vampire and a teenage girl.
PLEASE dont associate to Twilight!
Anyways the girls had a pretty hard life..and well hes sorta her .. saving grace, saviour etc!
But there's a slight problem.. she dreams him!

   He sat there watching me, his hungry eyes never leaving my face. His golden brown hair glinted in the sun, just like his daggers gleamed when he smiled.

   Is this what its like to feel fear? To know that your going to die? I am not afraid I chanted in my head, I am not afraid, I will never be afraid.

   Strolling towards him painfully, I send a silent prayer, at least I'll die in the arms of the one I love.

   Prowling towards me, I imagine the blood of a thousand people, dripping slowly off each deadly fang, one, two, three, four.

   Nothing and no one could stop me now, five, six, seven. Then all of sudden he was there and my hand was where it had always lain. Eight, Nine, ten.

The End

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