A Fresh Start

A love story. Please feel free to add to the story.

        The end was only the beginning, she felt confident in her choices, and in the new life that was waiting for her. She knew leaving her bastard husband was the best choice she could make for herself, and the baby on the way. She had put up with his drinking, and rage too long. But now, something greater was at stake, and for once she was going to do the right thing. She absent mindedly rubbed her slight belly bump, and sipped the hot tea Aunt Martha had insisted she drink, "for the baby".            

      Aunt Martha was a kind and gentle soul, she loved everyone, and everyone loved her. She had lived in PierPoint her whole life, and had watched all the children of the neighborhood grow and blossom, and had had a hand in raising more than she had given birth to. Everyone in town knew her as mom or Aunt Martha, and the sweet old lady wouldn't have it any other way. So when Desire came to her with her story, and needed a place to stay, to hide from her abusive husband Aunt Martha, her mothers sister was all to glad to welcome her in. 

      She had spent every summer here since she was old enough to remember, and since her parents death, it was the nearest she could think of to going back home. It was nice being in her childhood bedroom looking out at the moon over the ocean, and savoring the summer breeze through her open window. She sighed releasing the worry that filled her, and breathed in the soothing salty air. A ship in the distance silhouetted by the moonlight passed and she remembered in her youth making up great pirate stories about such ships. 

The End

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