There once was a boy called parma-violet

Who was was my Romeo Capulet( I know it's not true but it was the only thing that rhymed)

But I fell off the balcony

When he came to sing to me

And that was the end of our "friendship"


Now we'll get on to chocolate

Who I think you'll agree is so fit!

But he got plastic surgery

when he wanted a purgery

And now he looks like a zit


Next is a boy called flump

Who's nose was a massive lump (actually thats popcorn insnt it? Ah well)

Anone one who went near

Ran away in fear

And now he's all in a grump (And btw he always says no to everything)


Now to a boy named marshmallow

Whos sweet and soft but an odd fellow

his eyes were so big

So he looked a bit like a pig

But it didnt matter, he wasn't shallow


The End

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