Swapsies: Up in the clouds...Mature

A boy, a girl, they fall in love, happily ever after... wait, what? Where's the bit where the girl makes a crazy wish, a bored, forgotten goddess overhears, and the world turns upside down and inside out?
Always wondered what it might be like to be in another's shoes? These two are about to find out...

As the sun broke over a distant cloud, just above a mountain somewhere far from where our story starts, the gods were deep in slumber. It was thousands of years since anyone had believed they were real, down on the earth below. It'd been even longer since they had been offered up to, heard about in human stories and tales, or asked for their guidance. And in that time, they'd grown sluggish, bored, and far from what they once were. At least they could now get a lie-in most days. They slept for what seemed like centuries, not bothered to keep an eye on the goings-on of humanity...

Well, with one exception.

Traipsing into the kitchen, pulling on a silken robe with a gentle swish, Aphrodite reached for the coffee machine. Of course, it was one of the first ever made, not long before the caffeine plant was discovered by humans more than 2000 years ago. It was getting a bit rickety from overuse - the gods were so tired all the time it was all that kept their eyes open. It was much too early for ambrosia, it was not company policy to drink before the evening.

With a ping, the coffee was ready. Aphrodite poured it into her "I'm not really a Princess, but if the Crown fits..." and sat in the chair opposite the Window on the world. Folding her legs elegantly under her, she sipped her coffee and scanned the oceans and mountain tops, searching for anything worth watching.

At first glance, there wasn't much on. Some UN conference in Switzerland, but politics didn't interest her. She watched several planes soar through the clouds like sparrows. After a quick scan for danger, she noted to herself: No bombs today! and passed on - planes made her dizzy at this time of day.

Dark clouds of fiery smoke drifted over the warzones, but, flinching, she looked away. They were for Zeus to sort out.

And then she heard it. A distant whisper, coming from the north. A tiny island.... Aphrodite focused, a rosy light pulsing on her forehead. A tiny island... up in the Northern hemisphere. No traditional believers there, but something was getting through, like a signal. The light gleamed brighter, and flew from her net of curls, zooming to hover roughly over the spot... over the island of Britain. "Ah ha!" she breathed, "That's it - now follow!" And the light zipped away in a flash of pink with a small sigh. Aphrodite settled back in the chair, feeling a excitement bubble in her stomach. Finally there was something that no other diety had picked up on, a blip that she could trouble-shoot. Finally something to do. "Yes," she murmered softly, "I think I'm about to have some fun..."

The End

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