Spencer woke up one day thinking he was going to be writing another essay in english class. The next few days will change his life.

The blaring of an alarm clock woke Spencer up early that morning.  He always woke up to Indestructible by Disturbed.  With as much energy as a sloth, he slowly reached over to turn it off.  He noticed that he is actually running late and he skipped his normal shower but still glanced over himself in the mirror.  His reflection in the mirror looked nothing like a 19 year old teenage guy, but instead, a mature older muscular guy.  His skin is deathly pale with red eyes. 

He started to comb his black hair with a single bold red highlight until it’s presentable.  Sluggishly he put in his contacts that make his eyes appear blue.  The hardest thing to hide is the fact that he is a vampire.  Even though none of his friends know it’s still hard.  The scars on his arm are reminiscent from feeding off his own blood.  Even though he was “born” just a few months ago it was all still very hard to control.

            As he was thinking to himself his phone started to chime.  It’s his girlfriend, Aubrey.

            He pressed the ignore button.

            Things aren’t going very well between them.  Aubrey is a popular and pretty young woman who also happens to be a control freak.  He is never allowed to hang out with his other friends that were girls, or even guys for that matter.  She makes every decision about their relationship together; he has no control.

            He remembered the last date he had with her.  She took him to a Mexican restaurant.  When he tried to talk to the female waiter about what he wanted to eat she screamed at him and ordered something different for him.  He had to eat it to keep her happy.

The relationship was bound to come to an end he thought to himself.

“Spence, hunny, you’re going to be late,” his mother called to him.

“Thanks, Victoria Lauren Reed.”  Spence dictated every word slowly.

He swiftly put on a pair of black jean shorts, his sunglasses, and a red t-shirt and grabbed his bag and was out the door when his mother exclaimed after him

“You know I detest you using my full name Spencer.”

It seemed the whole world was against him as he began to walk down the street towards Brown’s community college.  He lived in a small community where every house looked the same.  They were painted the same dull white and grey, and everyone’s gardens looked the same.  It was a sunny, warm spring morning which Spencer didn’t really like because he was sensitive to the sun.

 After about five minutes he notices that a black SUV had been following him for a while.  It was easy for him to start running at super human speed, but the SUV easily caught up to him.  The driver of the SUV rolls down the window quickly and blows a dart in the direction of Spencer.

It lodges right in his neck and Spencer falls to the ground instantly.

“Nice shot,” the passenger pronounces to the driver of the SUV.

“Thanks, now get out and put him in the back,” the driver replies.

The passenger steps out of the SUV and strides over to the limp body of Spencer and he slings him over his shoulder without any effort.  With his free arm he opens the back door of the SUV and puts Spencer into the back of the SUV.  The driver returns to the side of the SUV and climbs into the SUV.  With the slam of the door the driver speeds off.

“You gotta hurry up Felix, otherwise were going to be late,” the passenger calls.

“Calm down Damien; we are going to arrive on time” Felix replies.

They come up on a sign that says, “Entering North Dakota.”  The lush grass passes by them while their driving.  After a couple of minutes they pull up to an abandoned patch of grass and drive off road.  With the push of a button on the dashboard, a humongous patch of grass opens up.  Felix drives under the patch of grass into a tunnel network.

The tunnels are lit only by torches.  Felix continues to drive them deeper into the tunnel network until they get to a checkpoint.  The two guards let the SUV through after Felix and Damien show their identification.  After another minute of driving they pull up into a huge underground parking lot.  The walls of the underground tunnel are decorated archaically. Damien jumps out the side of the SUV and goes to the back of it and opens the door.

Spencer is still lying unconscious.  Damien slings him over his arm with no effort.

“Let’s get him to the boss.  I bet he will be pleased.” Felix prattles.

“Yea,” Damien responded, “You could try carrying him through.”

The both of them start walking towards a set of doors.  Felix opens up the door and lets Damien through first.  They walk into the tunnels and find themselves in the headquarters of the society they work for.  Numerous people stroll inside the headquarters.  Felix and Damien continue to stroll through the headquarters until they got to an enormous pair of gilded doors.  Damien glances down at his watch to find out that they are late.

Felix knocks on the door.

“We got the boy you wanted us to fetch Xavier.” Felix announced.

“Jasper let them in please, you two are late by the way; we will take care of that later,” Xavier responded.

            The door creeks open to reveal a vast throne room.  Numberless flags and wooden shields hang on the side of the room. Two flags stand out the most, the United States flag, and a flag that has a black background and white fangs.  On a gilded and crystal throne sits Xavier, a man in his mid thirties with jet black hair, a chiseled, muscularly built, and piercing red eyes.

            “You have served the SVA well.” Xavier said, pleased.

            Spencer finally wakes up and looks around the room, dazed.

            “Where am I?” Spencer spat out the question.

            “You’ve been hand picked by me to work for the United States government.” Xavier replied.

            “You didn’t answer my question.”  Spencer became more hostile.

            “Child, that’s on a need to know basis.  I know that you’re a vampire.  That is why I picked you to work for me and the government.” Xavier responded.

            “What happens if I refuse?” Spencer inquired.

            “Everyone thinks you’re already dead.  It wouldn’t be that hard to kill you.”  Xavier responded matter of factly.

            “What about training?” Spencer inquired as he looked around the room.

            “We will provide that for you so long as you accept.” Xavier stated.

            “Are you sure that I’m what you want?” Spencer asked.

            “Yes, I hand picked you, normally it’s someone else who picks candidates.  Now, do I have to bring the execution crew or do you accept?” Xavier demanded.

“It looks like I don’t have much of a choice do I?” Spencer mumbled as his gaze returns to Xavier.

            “Good, I’ll have an assistant take you to your new room and I’ll be by later to brief you and take you for your training.”  Xavier responded, “Carter, take Spencer to his room please.”

            “Yes sir.” Carter replied.  Carter is a man in his twenties with a muscular build.  His hair is also black with a single purple highlight.  He is wearing a black suit and dress pants, with a crimson tie, the normal dress for the agents of the Society of Vampire Assassins.

            Carter and Spencer started to walk through the headquarters until they got to his room.  There were no vampires out of their rooms except for Carter and him.  When ever he tried to talk to Carter all he received was silence.  Every door was shut except for one, which happened to be his room.

            “Do you have a last name?” Spencer inquired.

            “No one here does, it’s part of the policy of the SVA.” Carter responded.

            “I always hated my last name.” Spencer stated.

            “Reed, yea I could see why you wouldn’t like it.” Carter said without a single thought.

            “How did you..” Spencer asked.

            “Everyone here knew about you before you knew about us.” Carter interrupted.

            They both walked into his new room and the first thing Spencer notices is that his room is decorated like the rest of the hideout, archaic.  He notices a blank kite shield on the wall.

            “What’s the kite shield for?” Spencer inquired.

            “You’ll receive a crest after training that marks you’re a part of the SVA.  All crests have similar aspects, like a black background and red detailing, the rest is up to the agent.”

            “Cool,” Spencer answered as he glanced over to a single 4 poster bed.

            “You have a computer here for the website that we use, your assignments can be found on there, but you have to make it through training first before you can go on assignments.” Carter said as he slowly starts to walk out of the room. “Xavier will be by later to take you for training.  It’s rare that he takes people into training, usually an assistant would.”

            Curious, Spencer went over to the computer and was stumped when he couldn’t find his log in information.

            I guess I have to wait till after training to see who I’m working with. Spencer thought.

            He plopped down onto the bed and began to think about what had happened today.  He was supposed to be at college, writing up another paper.  Instead, he was knocked out by people of his own kind and taken to a secret hideout where he is now becoming an agent of a secret society of assassins.

            While he thought it was cool, he began to miss his family, even though they were slave drivers.  Everything that happened was too much for him to absorb.  So he  closed his eyes and laid on the bed for a while.

            After about an hour of relaxing, Spencer heard the door being opened.

            “It’s time for your training child.” Xavier said in a sinister voice.

The End

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