"Can this moment last forever?" she whispered into the soft skin of his neck. He shifted slightly at the sound of her voice and she rose her head to look into his glassy eyes. For a fraction of a second she lost her beloved's face in the stars. He shone as bright as the moon that hung in the sky and was the only witness to this night. Time passed and she was able to refocus on the beautiful man in front of her as he leaned down and put his lips to her ear. He relished in the way she caught her breath as he hugged her closer. When he spoke his voice was as old as time and as alluring as a coming storm."No, my precious, this moment must pass and we must move on." He said it in such a way that she was not hurt but awed. "Why?" she felt like a child trying to understand matters of adulthood. He tilted his head and the look he gave her reminded her that she was no child, but a goddess in love. "We cannot stay like this," he said softly, "because we are thieves. Right now, I feel as though all the happiness has left the planet and is circling us as we lay here, suspending us in blissfulness. Happiness is the air we are breathing. It is the shine in your hair and the glimmer in your eyes as you look at me as you are now." His voice slowly lowered until she could no longer hear him. She leaned closer and listened to the thunder in his voice and the skipping of his heart. "We cannot stay in this moment because we have sucked all the joy out of the world and have harvested it for ourselves. There is no opportunity for anyone else to be happy because we have it all locked away in our eyes and I fear that we will steal emotions from all over the world every time we are together." he paused, and a look of concentration clouded his face. A moment later it was gone and he smiled lazily. "That is the only explanation I can conjure to explain how you make me feel." He was not shy as he said any of this and somehow this made him more desired. She looked at him for a moment longer before she tangled her fingers gently into his dark hair. Her voice was smooth and his heart hammered painfully as she managed to get even closer. "When I asked you if we could stay in this moment, I was only being polite. You are never leaving me again." she whispered against his lips, teasing him unmercifully. "And as for your explanation, the rest of the world can be damned." When she finally kissed him, he could taste lightning on her tongue. 

The End

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