Chapter 2

October 30, 2014

Hi, my name's Lexi. Whoever's reading this should know that I am 6 and that I like the color violet and I am really smart. That's what daddy used to say, anyway. Daddy was really important in the Crew, but he died trying to get mommy medicine. She had Allzymers or something like that, and she stopped talking when I was very little. So, daddy taught me everything I know. He was very nice and he loved mommy alot- maybe tto much, says Falcon. One day, not very long ago, daddy went looking for some medicine for mommy outside, and he didn't come back. That night, I had the strangest dream: daddy was lying on the street, and he was dying and there was blood and stuff all over him and he kept telling me that it was just paint and to go hide 'cause it was just paint and he would be alright. That morning,  Casy and Belton brought my dad back, but Griff wouldn't let me see him. Mommy's still alive, and she is hurting all the time now. I play the games that Falcon gives me, and I help Stumble with his projects, because winning is like winning against the Pokemons that must have killed daddy, and fixing things is like fixing Mommy. I don't like like where we live, but the Pokemons left this one not- broken, so Falcon says that we have to stay here. Falcon is mean.


The End

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