A ragtag team of Americans are pinned by their enemy inside a Las Vegas apartment complex. Their foe: giant mutant Pokemon.
By the way, have I mentioned that they are the only survivors of the human race?

October 16, 2014

Well, this is the first entry I'm making, so why don't I explain some for whoever's reading this? Of course, chances are that no one ever will. That's right, things aren't looking so hot for Humankind. I am Wafer, and I'm roughly 16. Wafer's actually just a nickname that the crew has given me, but my real name sucks, frankly. My mother decided for some reason that Queequeg sounded good, so I got stuck with that. Anyway, we- the crew, that is- are on the run from giant Pokemon. No, they are not exactly like the video game characters, they're about 8 times bigger than the scale measurments in our stash. It sounds dumb,  I know, but playing these old games could save a life, and has for many of our older members. If you know the habits of the monster coming around the corner, you have a better chance of taking it down or escaping, right? So I play. The idiot who created these beasts was named Ash, just like the main character of the tv shows, and made his creations purely out of his love for Pokemon. So, in the end, you can blame Nintendo for coming up with the idea. Does that really matter, though?

We live currently in an old apartment block on the southern edge of Los Angeles- that is, the new edge. See, when the military could still function, they set up defenses around all the big cities, using the roads and buildings on the outskirts as barriers. In the battles that followed as the Pokemon made their way across the Atlantic and westward across the US, they destroyed everything that the armies were even near. As a result, everything but the inner city is a complete wasteland. That, unfourtionately, is all I can tell you about this earth's current state. We kept trying to contact other survivors through every form of media that we could get our hands on, but nothing ever responded. Then, one day, our best video game player discovered a Pokemon that can track radio waves. We stopped signalling.

Wafer, out.

The End

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