I walked, head down, hands in my pocket. I felt the letter in my pocket. I felt tears welling in my eyes. It was Valetine's Day. My boyfriend dumped me yesterday. Harsh.

I crawled down, under the hedge, and into the old garden, with the old house. i pushed my tangled light brown hair out of my face, and wiped away my tears, climbing into the cellar of the old house.

My name is Ami. I have light brown hair that reaches my shoulders, blue eyes crystal clear, that seem to sway like water, a couple of freckles, and long eyelashes. I'm that youn girl you see sat alone, reading a book, her friends all gone away, apart from one.

I opened the book I had left in the cellar, along with bitting into a fresh green apple. Then, I blanked out, for no reason.

The End

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