"We've checked with forensics and your story matches the evidence, Riley Mortez died earlier than the others, infact all of the times of death are dotted around."

 I nodded, "I know, it was horrible, like a horror movie."

 "We don't need any childish comparisons, lets just get on with it." spat the officer and slumping back in his chair. His brown eyes looked straight in mine, testing and threatning, ready for me to make a mistake, for him to be able to brand me as guilty for ever more.

 "After that, Nicole and Tom turned weird. I don't know how to explain it, but suddenly it was them and their followers and us. The sheep, trapped, not wanting to be there, terrified."

 I went to take a drink from my cup and the officers hand slapped it from my hand. My eyes darted to him, shocked. "Get on with it Maisy, or I swear to God!"

 "Officer." the females voice was sharp and low. Emotions were running high, so mnay dead teenagers didn't exactly make the atmosphere too happy.

 "After a while of us all just standing there, shocked and terrified, Nicole said that we should all just go back to normal, forget about it as there was nothing that could be done. But that was too hard for any of us to accept. There were blood stains all over the mud and ice, the water of the lake was patched red and the boy who had pulled the knife from Rileys neck was sitting with it lying in his palms, starring at it, whispering to himself."

 "The boys name?"

 "I couldn't be sure, I think it was Christopher, he was pretty new to school, a backround fixture like me."


 "We were all sitting in silence, staring at the dirt, whilst Nicole paced and commanded us all to act in certain ways, like we were just on a normal, happy camping trip. Tom and his friend Robert Janes were roasting marshmallows, Kelly-Ann was pouring drinks for us all and Louisa and John were setting up speakers for their ipod.

 "But the whole time, in the back of our minds, we new what had happened and we all kept peering at the water, waiting for the two ghosts to appear."

 "What time was it when all of this was happening?"

 "I really couldn't be sure," I shrugged, "It was all just a muddle, you know?"

 The officer nodded slowly, his eyes implying I should continue.

 "Soon there was tension riseing, there was a group of seven sitting whispering amongst themselves and Cassy and me could see it was getting Nicole rilled, she wanted us all to be a group, stick together so that when it came to tell the truth, there would be no problems, we would all stick together. Cassy whispered in my ear that she was going to go and find a phone connection. I nodded. She told them she was going to the toilet, Nicole's eyes followed her as she was going. It was very late by then.

 "Whilst Cassy was away, the group of seven stood and walked over to Nicole, I could tell they were nervous, they wanted to say something. To go home probably. They were mumbling amongst themselves when I heard Nicole shrieking, "You really think I won't kill you all if you don't just SIT DOWN AND ACT NORMAL!" her voice echoed around the clearing, it seemed to hit of the blood stained water.

 "Silence. Then shrieking."

 My voice got stuck in my throat, I didn;t want to talk about it anymore. I covered my eyes, wanting to block the image from them, but it remained, it wasn't an image to be blanked out by blindness, instead it was one which would always remain in my minds eye.

The End

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