Number 2

 "After all that had happened up on the cliff, I hadn't wanted to return to camp, to be honest, I had wanted to go straight home. To lock myself back into the world of calm and private I was so used to. But instead, like the sheep I am, I followed Cassy down the cliff and back to the rows of tents. No one mentioned Ashley or what had happened. In fact I did begin to wonder, a few hours later as the sun began to set, whether I was going mad and had infact made everything up.

 "Mostly we all just sat around the pitiful fire the boys had made, trying to keep warm in the faint sunshine. I was regretting my decision to go by then and was curled up next to Cassy listening to Kings of Leon on her ipod and wishing that I was at home with a bar of Cadbury's and a hot water bottle.

"There was this sudden change though.

 "It happened when the sun went down. It might have just been the darkness that swamped us, the way the moon made everyone look pale or the fact that in darkness, guilt for what happened had come creaping up on us.

 "I noticed that it wasn't just me who couldn't stop my eyes from looking out to the lake, wondering where Ashley lay, what it was like, lieing dead and cold amongst the water.

 "As the full moon appeared, the blame game began. It was Riley, one of the girls who was very friendly with Ashley and Nicole who started first. She suddenly said, 'Why did you do it Nicole?' It was odd how the sound of her voice hung in the air, ominous, suggesting so many things yet not saying anything at all really.

 ' "What is that supposed to meen? I didn't do anything." screeched Nicole, rushing towards Riley, both hands, perfectly manicured and looking deadly in the dark light, raised and grabbing.

 ' "You know what it's supposed to meen!" She yelled, "You killed her." all of the boys looked up now, all wondering what on eath they were talking about, many looked as though they thought it was a joke, smirks spread across their faces.

 ' "Don't you dare, it was you that walked her off that cliff."

 'And so it went on. Cassy and me wandered away to sit in our tent, we plugged our ipods in and turned them up, trying to block out the sound of the arguing, huddled together we just wanted to forget it all.

 'An hour later we heard an ear splitting scream. We rushed from the tent, our breaths appearing infront of us in little clouds. We were shivering and terrified. When we got to the crowd of teenagers, our eyes grew with shock and fear. There was blood every where, we could see Riley staggering backwards, crying and pale. One of the boys, Tom, was holding Nicole, turning her face away from the scene, on of the other boys was laughing and he reached out to touch Riley, I tried to find my phone in my coat, but I couldn't, when I looked back at the scene, I saw the boy, in the shadows so I couldn't see who it was, pulling aknife from Rileys neck.

 'There were a few screams and gasps and then silence as Riley fell back into the water and then stopped moving. None of us dared move to help her, knowing whoever moved would probably be next.

 ' "Why would she say that?" gasped Nicole, her brown eyes slideing around at the crowd. We all shuck our heads, pretending to not know. Then there was silence, shock, fear, disgust.'

The End

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