I sat in the little room with my quivering hands clasping at the plastic cup. My eyes were staring at the table, but painted on the blank surface I could see nineteen panicked faces looking at me, reaching out, wanting to drag me down to their fate.

 "Maisy," there was a frustrated pause. It felt odd to hear my name, it turned out I wasn't labelled a number, a monster completely yet, I was still considered human. "Just tell us what happened, please continue."

 I took a deep breath, trying to slow my argumentative heart which was trying to force me out of the room. I took another gulp of water and spoke, "After what happened to Nicole and Ashley we were all a little freaked out, so we decided to stay together and away from the cliff faces, but we all really wanted to go home." I took another breath to speak again, but was interupted.

 "What do you mean, after what happened with Ashley and Nicole?"

 I shrugged,caught, I would have to explain.

 The policemans fist hit the table so that it shuck. "18 teenagers dead, we need answers."

 18? There were 19 dead. I wondered if he had just made a little mistake.


 "Simmons and Nicole Raygrove."

  "Ashley Simmons, there was no Ashley Simmons found." Confusion passed between the two officers, my eyes stared up at them, wide and surprised.

 "What happened Maisy?"

 My hands were shakeing as I brought the cup once again to my lips. "As I said, the boys were setting up tents for all of us. There were six of them. Us girls decided to go exploring. Something about burning of the sweets all of them had gorged on, on the way there. So we began to climb. It was hard work, a steep climb and even in the bitter, snowy wind, we were hot. I dunno, we were all a little nervous, not just because every so often we reached a sudden drop that we had to navigate around, but because there was this strong tension between Ashley and Nicole. They were the leaders. If you know what I mean? Tension between them could only meen trouble."

  I paused again, evoking a loud sigh from the impatient and angry looking male officer, who was brough to silence by the female officer, with a whithering look to rival my grandmother.

 "When we reached the top, there was a bench there, only big enough for five or six of us. Me and Cassy sat by the bench, chatting amongst ourselves, too tired to pay attention to the drama of who was getting the bench.

 "Then, there was this scuffling noise, feet struggling on dirt and grass and then I heard Ashley scream."

 There was this long silence, I was being scrutenized.

 "Do you meen to say that Ashley Simmons fell from the cliff?"

 "I couldn't be sure, I didn't see, but her and Nicole had been fighting the whole way up, it turns out sitting on a cold, dusty floor had caused a huge argument."

 "What did everyone else say?"

 "Everyone went into shock, I don't know exactly, but it was like they all went into cover up mode. Nobody told the boys what had happened, it was like Ashley had never been there, it was creapy."

 There was this lng terrifying silence, I didn't dare even peak at them. The policeman rubbed his brow and then grumbled. "Send the search team."

The End

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