I stood shivering, I new my eyes were wide and pebble like staring at the scene before me, I was trying to connect my brain to my body, to realise the gravity of what had happened, but there was still nothing.

 I could feel two hands grabbing at my shoulders pulling me back, trying to make me look away. But I just stood stone like, a gargoyle unable to look away.

 Silence scolded my ears, it was deffening. I wanted to look away, but the pale skin, the staring eyes it was all so.... bewitching. I was stuck watching them. They were shadows of people, the left over shells of had been's.

 "Don't worry, come on." whispered a low voice I didn't recognise, I shuck my head, I was guilty. Guilt tainted my hands red. No one could say that it wasn't my fault, I was the only survivor. It looked odd, it looked guilt-ridden. I stood there, my trousers and shoes sodden with cold water. My hands were pale, almost bloodless, yet I saw red hot patches of blood all over them.

 One more strong pull on my shoulders sent me backwards, I scrambled on the dirt and mud. The hands guided me to a police car. I looked into the brown eyes which faced me, but reflected in them all I  could see the lake, the patches of broken ice, underneath the murky waters seeping over the ice. I saw accusation, misunderstanding, devastation. I saw it all and it burned.

 "Can you tell me your name."

 "Eliza." My lips moved, no sound.

 "Ok, Eliza did you say?"

 I nodded.

 "Can you tell me what happened." The voice was low, soothing, though still pushy. It wanted answers.

 I closed my eyes, wishing for tears. Salty tears to clense, but none would come. I shuck my head.

 "We're going to take you back into town, ok?"

 I shrugged.

 I sat back against the seat, worried about leaving a water mark. The material felt safe and secure. I shut my eyes against the world and began to breath slowly.

 As we headed into town, I felt as though I was heading towards disaster. What more could go wrong, you might think, disgust from my parents, being thrown out of school, being blamed. I couldn't take any more guilt.

The End

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