The red head.Mature

'Ahoj!' the red headed girl, 'Me jmeno je Elle.'

Czech. She spoke in Czech. I knew small amounts from my studies there - which I suddenly remembered after all that time trapped in there. Elle. I recognised the name. She must have been the girl in the cell nearby.

'Ehm, ja jsem Kay. Jste v jakekoli mluveni anglicky?' I tried. She shook her head.

Elle turned to the tall man 'Prosim, rikaji: Ahoj, vite, proc jste taday.'

'Hallo. Do you know why we are here?' The tall man asked. Now I shook my head. The man sounded a bit dutch. I was right.  He then turned to the weird looking man and started barking at him in what I recognised to be dutch. The man replied in French.

'Je ne peux pas monsieur, vous savez que si j'ouvre la port de la manseparolise va s'echapper. Porquoi ne pas passer a la tour de gache et sur les montagnes. Il seriet beaucoup plus rapide.' he pleaded.

'Nee! Gaan en verplaats de manseparolise als u! We ziljn die kant op gaan kan me niet schelen als het hard, Wij gaan op die maier en het beest mag niet ontsnappen! Waag het niet latan ontsnappen, of je moet een ander te vangan, dan zal ik u en uw gezin slachtte!' He screamed. The small weird looking man scurried off inside.

I later learned that I had been picked to make a quest. We were all to travel to Montelpicken, just over the mountains, rolling in the distance. I was infact being trained to know what it was like to be held prisoner. Elle, the girl, was the tall man's daughter. She was to come with me. The rest of our training was to take place in Montelpicken - that included swimming, climbing, shooting arrows, fighting, duelling, resisting, running, hiding and many other things. The tall man was called Baron Emmett Carl Van Bergen. The other was his cheif advisor, Elle's guardian and the prison guard. He was called Pierre Valriveny.

With the little of each of the languages I knew, I picked up a few things - such as, Elle had an elder brother who was very jealous of her because she was the pride and joy of the baron (reason being she had been the one chosen by the fortune teller as the girl who led her father to fame). The baron had a tragic past, including the death of his wife, Alessia. He had married again, an ugly, cold woman who somehow thought that Emmett loved her. She was Carolena, Queen of Persia. She sat high on her throne, Queen of Persia and Baroness of Kelphorn.

In a few days they set off, out of the front gates of the castle. However, in all this time I spent, listening to others conversations, I never found out what the manseparolise was.

The End

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