.......Surviving Love


My name is Cecile. I am 18 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. People used to think I was beautiful, now they don't. They think I am a freak and they call me bad names. Why? I survived a fire that killed “my whole family” and destroyed everything I had. The left side of my face was badly burned and the skin never grew back. People don't like me, they HATE me. They throw rocks at me until my wounds open and start bleeding. I wanted to die and kill them all.

Then I met Jake. He was kind and sweet and he never payed attention to my face. I fell in love with him. I was ready to tell it to him when I found him kissing another girl. I was broken hearted.

On his birthday, I killed him and Abby, his girlfriend. I was so filled with guilt I “killed” myself.


Now, they are looking for my body. They don't know that I had a secret, one I couldn't tell. I took Jake and Abby's bodies and hid them; somewhere it would make a grown man scream in fright.


I am a Mogadorian. I wanted to live a peaceful life here at Earth. But the humans made it impossible. I want revenge.

I'm taking revenge.

You're next.

The End

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