Sweetly. After All, We'll Be Living Together.Mature

She smiles, "Well, since we're roomates now, we might as well tell each other our names. My name is Annie, what's yours?"

You tell her your name.

"Nice to meet you! Here, let me help you with your things." She takes some of your stuff and puts them onto your bed, which right now, is completely bare.

"You should like it here," She says. "Everyone is really friendly and very helpful. Plus," She looks around and then whispers, "the guys here are really good-looking!" She giggles.

You smile and then start setting up your bed. Annie sits on her bed and tells you about the day she arrived here, which was only a few days ago.

When you're done making your bed, she stands up. "How about we go over to the mess hall and grab something to eat? I can introduce you to a bunch of people."

The End

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