A group of people finds themselves trapped in dungeons to be released to a deserted mountain in the middle of nowhere.

73 days. That's how many lines I had drawn in the wall since I got there. Filthy cell. The humid air kept my fingers moist at all times. The cold crept from every inch of my skin deep into my bones. I crouched into a hole in a corner, where I felt safer embraced by the darkness. It had been hours after eating time, but today I didn't get my regular meal through the hole at the bottom of the door. This had never happened before. I usually slept for a few hours after eating, then exercised before the last meal was delivered. I hugged my legs in my hole wondering why the meal wasn't there, not that I'd have much clue.

I knew nothing about the place. I knew not why I was there. I remembered nothing about anything before waking up in that cell. All I knew was my identifier. Every time the little trapdoor opened, someone would say "Kay". I assumed that was my name. After that, I sometimes pressed my ear to the door, only to hear, in the distance, the screach of another trap door open, "Elle" said by the same misterious voice, the trap door closing... and dead silence.

My stomach growling, me half asleep already, I heard the door open. At first, I thought I was dreaming, but a breeze entered the dungeon. Fresh air. I opened my eyes. Crawling out of my comfort corner, I slowly approached the door. Without even touching the door or the wall where it closed, I walked into the slightly better lighted corridor. The front wall had several doors. I opened the one exactly facing the door I had just crossed. A bow. Arrows. Several packs of matches. A hatchet. A pair of industrial boots. That was it. I put the boots on, grabbed those things, and closed the door behind me. 

I decided to walk to my right. I walked past a big door to my left and a smaller one to my right, right in front one of the other. I kept walking. Another pair of doors, this time I opened the small one. A backpack, a knife and a bag of herbs I took, leaving a pair of smaller boots than mine, a big pile of what looked like marbles. 

I kept walking, until I reached an open door, where I felt the breeze coming from. I walked out of the dungeons, and stopped bewildered by the star-filled sky for a few minutes. I don't know for how long I gazed at the sky, but before I knew it, there was a red haired girl standing on my right, a tall skinny guy at her right, and a weird-looking scruffy little guy at my left. 

The End

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