Survival, Rise of the YouthMature

[All the characters are based on real live people and all the cities, towns and houses are But, dude, of course the events aren't real!!]

It really was just an ordinary lunch time at the Sanctuary, food was being tossed about, girls talking, guys playing games. I, as usual, was taking part in the boys wrestling.

'Caitlin... your really violent!' Sam exclaimed.

'Yeah, she is!' Dylan joined in, I gave them the finger before sauntering back to Emma, Rachel and the other girls. I glanced over to Isobel and Matty, who were at it again.

'I swear,' I nudged Rachel, 'they're gonna' end up like Lucy and Troggy.'

'Oh God, no!' She cried, mocking a scared face. Troggy and Lucy were the ultimate, inseparable pair. Whatever the time, wherever they were they didn't seem to have enough of playing tonsil tennis with eachother. It was only recent that Isi and Matty had stared dating, but they were (according to Matty) already onto second base - though he must have done it slyly.

I puffed out my cheeks and sat on the grass, taking note of the smashed up banana that was laying next to my foot. I sighed and picked up a stick and began to prod the sad-looking piece of fruit. Rachel sat down next to me, shortly followed by Emma.

'I didn't want you to get your red tips cut off!' Emma whined, 'they were really cool! If I could get away with purple hair, then you should have been able to get off with those red stripes!'

'I'm not going to get put in isolation because my hair didn't follow this fucked up "uniform code". And I happen to like my new hair! It looks like L's from Death Note!'

'Oh, yeah, it does!' Rachel interjected.

'You should get yours cut like Lights.' I told her.

'Mum probs wouldn't let me.' She huffed, toying with her long, silky mane.

Jenna, Lucy and both Lauren's joined us and we moved on to a conversation about insignificant things before all the boys started yelling loudly.

'Did the year elevens offer them weed or something?' Jenna snickered.

'Yeah, Dildo looks scared.' (Dildo = Dylan). Lauren giggled.

We stared at the fearful expressions on their faces for a few minutes before we realised they were actually, honestly terrified. They dashed over here, blood splatters on their faces.

My stomach dropped and I began to shake, Emma and Jenna and Lauren screamed. While Rachel, the other Lauren and I just sat there... shaking in our boots.

'Fucking run! There're fucking zombies. Run!' Sam Peal screamed.

'Caitlin! Caitlin get up! Caity! Caitlin!' Aaron yelled at me, pausing as the others ran towards the steps where their bags were. He punched my arm and I snapped out of my trance.

'Zombies don't... exist...' My speech trailed off as a group of  year ten's and elevens sluggish bodies moved towards the screaming groups of students.

'Shit! Caitlin, get up!' Aaron screamed, grabbing my wrist.

'I don't get it... fuck... what's going on?!' I cried. How could a peaceful lunch break change this quickly?

The End

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