January 24, 3005

Vera's Survival Log

6:30 A.M.

In exactly half an hour, Lance and I leave for a mission. It's the most important task we've had in the League. We're heading back to earth and I'm ready. The civilians there will surely be intoxicated with their own psychotic minds so the League has us specifically chosen for this task. I'm probably the only one that knows why exactly we're heading to Earth. I was sworn and given a pill to not tell anyone else. If I did, the League would find out. The pill was pretty easy to fake swallowing and the oath was a joke. I told Lance right after they told me not to. 

"Wow, you must know League needs help if we're going back for that," Lance remarked. 

"Yeah, some old dead scientists' notes. Really proves how  little the League told us when we came here, huh?"

"So what are you going to do? You going to read it?"

"I would, honestly but knowing the League will surely have me back on the ship in no time, I won't have a chance."

My task was to as fast as possible be dropped off from Lance's ship, find the lab, get the research papers, along with anything else I could recover, and go back to the ship. It seemed pretty simple but I knew it wasn't. It was better said then done, I could tell.

Commander told me I was fast, once in a training session. If I was really as fast as he described then Earth has officially lost and we needed to leave as soon as possible. Lost the battle of sanity and madness. Everyone knows as the League took us away the population would be outraged but no one has heard word from Earth. No sign of communication on Earth yet. If my theory was right, any point of civilization there is gone.

"Did you ever have any friends on earth," I asked Lance. I guess the thought of people still remaining of earth brought the idea to me.

"Yeah, I mean I was a sophomore in high school. I wasn't the most popular kid around, but I had some friends. Did you?"

"Little bit. I was home schooled until I was in the fifth grade, so from there until freshman year, I had a few friends. None really close, though." I start to fidget. The topic I asked Lance was so stupid, why did I even do it?

"I know why you're asking so don't worry. I'm also thinking about who's left on earth." He gave a nervous laugh. "Home sweet home, right?"

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Read my mind and reassure me everything I'm thinking is completely okay."

"I don't. I guess we just think alike," he winked, and added in a high pitched voice, "Or we're just the bestest friends ever!"

I rolled my eyes and covered a smile. Only he would be able to make this situation funny. I turned to go down to my room and get ready for the mission but Lance stops me, his hand grabbing my wrist.

"Hey, um, since we won't see each other until we board the ship, I need to tell you something, 'kay?" He was really close to me and he was so serious. This wasn't the Lance I was used to. "Uh, please be careful. In the past missions and here in League, I thought I'd be able to protect you, always, but for about an hour, I won't be able to." A pause. "And honestly it scares me. I don't want to lose you. You're the best thing that's happened to me. A really good friend you are, Vera. I swear,  I'd probably turn into one of those greedy nutcases by now, if it weren't for you, and I just really want you to know that."

I stare into his deep green eyes and for the first time since I've met him, I'm speechless. Lance Wilson, the guy who's ranked number one in training, the guy who's offensive attack is just as good as his defensive shield, is acting as if I'm his light in a world filled with darkness. I couldn't believe it.

I smile. "Nothing will happen to me, don't worry."

He returns my smile but I know he's not convinced. "Here, just take this. If we do get separated for more than I expect, I want you to remember me by this." He hands me a small clock. What is this? It seems familiar from an article I read once about our world's history but I can't be sure. He knows I don't know what it is. "It's called a pocket watch. It's been in my family for generations and I found it really neat. It's original and classic, not something League has touched, if they even know what it is."

I feel so thankful. Lance gave me this intriguing trinket that's been in his family for so long. My nerves kick in. This mission is dangerous, I've known that. I knew what I signed up for when I passed the test to join the League. I knew I'd get serious wounds, have to plan out strategies, get beaten up a few thousand times, I knew. I just didn't know I'd meet Lance. How could I? He's my best friend and nobody expects to meet their best friend. It just happens.

"Thank you so much, Lance," I tell him. "I swear I'll be careful. Besides if I don't return, who will make sure you don't pick fights?" I try to make a joke, to lighten the situation like he did, but the heaviness floats in the air. I want to cry and laugh at the same time. I miss Lance, even though he's right in front of me.

His hand is still on my wrist and he pulls me into him. He hugs me and I allow him to. It feels nice to be wanted. I don't think I've ever been relied on. My friends at school had other friends to rely on, my father had his own pride in his blood to rely on. I survived by myself after he died and now I have Lance. I have someone to rely on, a reason for living I once called him. And he was. He was my reason to stay alive, to fight on. I'd lost everything after my father died and now I have something.

As he was about to let go, I hugged him again. "You'll be the reason I make it out alive."

He smiled and I returned it. I wanted to reassure him everything would be alright.

7:30 A.M.

It's time for me to depart the ship. Every single one of the other members of the mission keep giving me nervous looks. Everyone knows the risk of returning to Earth. As we headed toward the planet, we saw psychotic raids going through the land. The thought makes me sick, reminding me of Lance's family still stuck here. I wonder what his family had to sacrifice to get him in the League.

"You ready," asked Vincent. He was the only one on the ship who didn't give me a nervous glance. He didn't treat me like I was a kid but as I was the one dependent for this mission. I was the one having to hunt for the papers.

The coordinates of the lab have been given to me already. I slip the paper into my pocket, my fingers brushing upon the pocket watch. I glanced around the ship to find Lance, his eyes meeting mine, with Vincent noticing.

With him trying to lighten the situation he says, "Don't worry Lance, your girlfriend will be fine."

I blushed and headed out of the ship, catching a quick look of Lance smiling.



The End

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