Survival Log #1

Lance's Survival Log

2:25 P.M.

Its lunch break and as always im starving. I walk around looking for a spot and find a girl wolfing down food, barely chewing.

"Someone's hungry," I remarked. I sat down next to her and looked into her eyes. She answered "Well, considering the situation, I don't really mind eating, you know." She looked at me like I was crazy which I was fine with. I laughed and her face became warm and friendly. " Naw, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make fun of you, just wanted to introduce myself. I guess making initiation in League doesn't really make someone like me cool." I ran my fingers through my hair and extended my right hand. "I'm Lance. Lance Wilson." Seeing she was slow to accept I raised my eyebrows.

She finally accepted "I'm Vera Winters. Nice to meet you." She took my hand and I smiled.

"How old are you, Vera?" I asked.

"Fourteen. How old are you?"

"Fifteen. Fourteen's pretty young for you to start in the League."

"Earth is pretty much a slaughterhouse now, wouldn't you agree?"

I nodded and could tell we would be good friends. She was smart like me and we had much more in common. We knew the importance of the League. Mainly to kill all aliens found and seek out the truth of why they attacked Earth. I hoped she could have my back because a lot of the people here were murderers, mercenaries, drug dealers and others that were just in the League because they had a smart quick mouth.

The people like me, kind, were not only here to win against aliens but to survive in the presence of those with a bloody past. I hope I can trust Vera.

The End

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