March 1, 3004

Vera's Survival Log

2:25 P.M.

It's my lunch break and jeez, it feels like a feast. It's amazing, more food that I've seen ever since the attack. I try to contain my hunger and allow the flavors to last, but eventually I just stuff all the stew in my mouth.

"Someone's hungry," remarked a tall boy. He sat down next to me at the lunch table and I looked into his green eyes.

"Well, considering the situation, I don't really mind eating, you know." Who was this kid? Who makes a stupid remark like that in a situation like this? I couldn't believe him.

He laughed and something about his laugh made me feel at home, back at earth, with friends at school. "Naw, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make fun of you, just wanted to introduce myself. I guess making initiation in League doesn't really make someone like me cool." He ran his fingers through his dirty-blonde hair, extending his right hand. "I'm Lance. Lance Wilson." He raised his eyebrows, wanting me to shake his hand.  To be honest, I really didn't want to make friends during my time in the League. It was a waste of time and more people I needed to be aware of. Dying alone seemed more practical. 

"I'm Vera Winters. Nice to meet you." I took his hand and he smiled. He knew he won this match.

"How old are you, Vera?"

"Fourteen. How old are you?"

"Fifteen. Fourteen's pretty young for you to start in the League."

"Earth is pretty much a slaughterhouse now, wouldn't you agree?"

He nodded and I had a good feeling about Lance. He was my first real friend on the League, and it only took me three days to meet him. As the day went on, I realized Lance wasn't an ignorant guy on the ship. We had a lot in common and he was smart. He knew the importance of being in the League. The main mission: kill all aliens found and seek out the truth of why they attacked Earth. Lance also knew that the League wasn't some salvation, a heaven awaiting us. It was just an organization of people wanting all of The Wandering killed. It wasn't as pleasant as people pledging their loyalty to the League, either. Most of the people had good intention, although about a third of them were murderers, mercenaries, drug dealers and others that were just in the League because they knew their way around and knew the right things to say to the officials of the organization.

 The League was an interesting place to be at a time like this. Not only do I have to win against aliens for the key to survival but also the nutcases of people here. I really hope I can trust Lance. He seemed to be a reason to keep on living.


The End

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