February 27, 3004

Vera Winter's Survival Log

1:30 AM
 We're now leaving earth. Traveling through space would've been the dream of an adventurer a decade ago, but now it's the only chance of survival. About a hundred of us are on the ship now, it's not the ideal amount, yet it's the only way for the government to send us out of earth without the whole population knowing. Wow, government isn't exactly the word for the people in charge. More like smugglers wanting a way out, allowing certain people out along with them. My father could barely get me out of earth before he died. He sacrificed almost everything we owned until the "government" signed me up for the League. Registration seems like a blur, I knew I wanted a way out. My father knew he was infected long before he died and he begged me to get out. He knew the danger of fighting alongside the League, but he also knew the greater danger of staying on Earth. I didn't want to leave at all but psychotic raids were happening from the people still alive, production of food was so low we would go starving, even our high-tech medicines we once had were now gone. As I write this entry on the ship, I peer out to the others that are now part of League. I realize almost everyone falls in a character out of any piece of literature. The poor girl, fighting for her family, scared out of her wit, biting her nails in the corner. The strong older brother, too much pride in his blood that he'll surely die a week from now. The leader of the group is pretty easy to tell also, standing up straight and proud, yet secrets concealed in him. Then there's me. The girl who's fighting for vengeance against The Wandering because of the death of her father. The girl who didn't come along with anyone else, so surely I don't mind dying alone. Either in a space ship out to an unknown wasteland or on low mental capability Earth, it's a ticking time bomb. The only difference is Earth already gave way, the people already lost hope, along with their minds. Soon enough, the same thing will happen to the League. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

The End

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