Sit still and hope it leaves you alone

Cory Masterston was quick to recognise the sound of a canine. It had taken him by surprise. The growl, maybe not so much a warning growl, as a distressed or hungry one.

Still traumatised by the shipwreck, the Auckland Veterinarian tried to gather his thoughts. The New Zealander slowly knelt down, his back to the animal. Cautiously he turned to face the potential threat...

The German Shepherd was in poor physical condition, obviously accounting for it's behaviour towards the survivor. Bruno had not eaten for 3 days. He last ate half a small Skip Jack Tuna. Bruno's master had died 4 days ago. A heart problem had finally got old Jim, the loner. Jim Walters had lived on this little piece of paradise off from Fiji for just on 4 years. A lifestyle change for an old soldier. He and his treasured faithful mate Bruno.

Poor Bruno was also pining for his dead old master. He was cautious about this new intrusion, and protective of his dead master, his life companion. Bruno had lost his condition through the lack of food, and the terrible stress of the death. Was this outsider, this human, a threat to him? Bruno had been sitting by his dead master, forlornly waiting, those 4 days, not wanting to leave. Now though, his hunger got the better of him. Sadly he left his old master.

Ears and tail down the aging Bruno decided reluctantly to leave, while constantly looking around behind. The island was rather large for just a solitary old dog, surely there must be some food, anything?

The Veterinarian slowly lowered his sore exhausted body even more, to be submissive to this canine approaching. There, it is, an old dog, not 4 metres away in a distressed state. No wonder he is growling, he is barely able to walk....

The End

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