the end to another dayMature

minuets felt like hours, the survivors had survived or most of them. They drew their hands from their ears and looked around in shock and surprise. Rave was first out of the cover. He ran towards the area Faust lay last. Muse took her hand away finally and stared at the detonator in complet shock, her hand shaking almost sick at the thought of what she had done. Had she just killed Faust ?

Rosey and Das Wenchy were addressing Yuki and Rosey laughed " she'll be fine  he exclaimed with a sigh of relief.

"and what of Faust " asked Das Wenchy who was now stairrring aimlessly at Muse who was still in shock.

"Rave has gone to look for him " she said softly.

Rosey, who hadn't noticed what had happend peered up " wheres Faust " he exclaimed bluntly. Das Wenchy turned and looked at him with a blank expression and nothing but sorrow in her eyes. Muse began to speak but was ubruptly cut off " Where is FAUST ? " Rosey said again

"he was caught in the tail of the explosion" Muse said without looking at him. A while past before Rave returned with nothing but comformation of the raiders deaths. The group looked at him as he approached alone, shaking his head and fear drenched in his eyes.

"did you find him " the said at once

"no" said claimed " but theres something else " he said staring at them with what could have been a look of hope.

"what " Rosey said excitedly

Rave began to look worried and talked very slowly as so he could understand it along with his group " I couldn't find his body " as he said this they all looked up at him then at each other in amazement.


Day light passed them by and they set up camp in the early evening while what was left of the sun set in the sky. Noone had spoke in a long time, only to check on Yuki. As they sat around a small flickering camp fire making no eye contact and thinking about the days events a russling noise came from the far end of the camp. Rave and Rosey stood to go investigate without so much as looking at each other, as they turned to find the source of the noise a figure appeared, a young mans shape but limping all the survivors drew there weapons and trained them on this new figure but as the light began to douse his face a cry was heard from Rosey " Faust, you son of a bitch" he cryed. shock fell over the camp and Faust looked up to address them, before he could speak Rave was demanding an answer.

" where the hell were you ? " he demanded

"yeah we couldnt find you and we searched through all that wreckage " added Das Wenchy. Faust, swaying from side to side but still standing merely broke into laughter.

" i was under that vechical " he snorted bluntly but broke into a smile " i did try to call to you but my throet was clogged with the the dust from that explosion, which was great might i add "

Muse tryed to cut in " but, how did you ......" Faust began to talk again.

The End

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