A strong hold fallsMature

This was it, the moment of truth would this plan work? and if so will we survive? Muse thought over these questions befor peaking out of the back of the vehical to plan the excape route. "if we head right, out of here and take cover beond those trees that should give us the best chance" she claimed with a heavy sigh.

"Not alot of choice in the matter, all things concidered " muttered Faust who was sat at the exit of the vehical, legs daggling and swaying in the warm wasteland breeze. Rosey was hoisting Yuki onto his back as Das Wenchy was scuring her safely. Rave was readying his rifle and quietly muttering to himself, he was very uncertian about this plan but he knew , as they all did, they had no other choice.

they to posistions at the edge of the vehical ready to run and cover Faust while still making it out in one piece. Faust slowly tied his hair back after letting it blow seamlessly in the breeze. He held his holstered his weapon and held his hand high, the second he dropped it , they would run. He drew one last breath and his hand fell. They were off.

In a flash Faust darted towards the assailents strong hold while the others weaved in and out of the bullet fire. Rave stopped dead in his tracks from leading the group, turned and opened fire on the raiders targeting Faust, As the ducted for cover Faust speed on, zig zaging left to the right. Rave turned and picked up his pace to over take Das wenchy and Rosey who were covering the injured Yuki. Muse, finally reaching cover after what she thought was a life time of running, turned to see Faust dissappear thought the dust and smoke. As the others dived to join Muse in cover a cry was heard from the distance. Muse glanced over the a small branch, Faust had done it but at a cost. He lay half way between the strong hold and the vehical barely covered with one hand on his leg the other he used to fire his magnium rapidly. Amongst the gun fire and explosions, he cryed " hit the detonator " he screamed repeatedly Muse looked down at the detonator she held tightly in her hand, a tear broke from her eye and she whispered just loud enough so the others could hear  this could kill him " she closed her eyes, and from that moment nothing but a screaching yell, and ringing could be heard.

The End

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