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Muse was shakeing at the thought of this plan and the situation they were in. she packed her equipment away and proceeded to check her appearence. she patted down her black, torn over coat and rested it on her bag, as she did this she slumped down to rest a minute and retied the lacese on her knee high boot which were covered by a black silk dress. As she stood up tp pull over her coat she tightend her neck scarf and placed on her face mask, which she was about to need. after artfully tieing her poneytalls back up she procceded to Faust who was getting ready to exicute his plan. "Are you sure this will work " she said looking up to meet his eyes.

"cant see why it wouldnt " he muttered trying to be funny, this was clearly the wrong time. He turned to address Muse, "once i get the the base of the first pillar i want you all to start running understand " he said with great determination and strength, "this isnt my best plan or my favorite situation to be in" the fear had started to creep into his eyes and everyone could see it.

"Faust" Rave stood up befor anyone had time to react " if you want me to plant those devices then please just ......"

" NO , this is my stupid plan and i will be the one to follow it through to the end " as he said this everyone in the back of the vehical turned away to avoid his eye contact, all except Muse.

" when you reach this point i will detionate the bombs ok, all you need to do is be ready to dive into this vehical for cover " Muse's voice sounded so calm, concidering what had happend in the last few hours.

A scilence few over "The survivors", it seamed like a life time ad past befor the calming traquility was broken by the loud foot steps of Muse going over to check on Yuki. "hows she doing ?" she asked with an emotionless, blank expression, this excounter had taken all her energy out of her.

"shes out cold but she will recover" replied Das Wenchy who smiled warmly at her. "rosey and i will carry her to a safe distance and take cover from the storm Faust is about to bring onto us"

Muse opened her mouth about to speak but was cut off by the sound of a gun shot from the over pass and laughter from the mystery woman, " ten minutes befor you all die " she voice was twisted and hunting to listen to but this did not deter Faust. he stood up at the exit of the vehical, shoulders slumped, his hands twiching with aticipation, he held his magnium in one hand , fully loaded and the devices in the other. He turned to face the group, he looked up and with two words he changed the atmospher completly.

"its time ".

The End

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