They wondered through the wastes for many hours before resting under a destroyed over pass from the old world. the area was bare apart from some shrubs, withering in the scortching heat. Muse and Yuki rested against a large rectangular vehical for shade, Faust and rave wondered a few meters onwards to try and spot some sign of life but to no avail. Rosey and Das Wenchy raided the vehical that the others were using for shade, they returned climbing out the back of with nothing more than an empty bottle and a few rounds for rifle which none of them carried, " what a waste of time " Das Wenchy exclaimed before turning to face Rosey, she opened her mouth to speak but just as she did shots where heared from above and hell fire seamed to bere down opon them.

The gun fire from over head elimanated the idea of retreating they had no choise but to fight. As quickly as the unknown enimies "the survivors" returned fire. Muse and Yuki jumped into the vehical for cover befor both reaching for there weapons, Muse drew dual desert eagals and took aim from the back of the vehical, fireing madly she had seconds to glance over to the others in the open. Faust and rave were circleing the base of the over pass looking for a way up fireing blindly in an attempt to cover them selves, Rosey stood firmly in his spot and in a flash brought Bessie to his side and took aim at a careless raider who stood on the edge of the pass, befor he could move rosey fired removeing the majority of the sums head. He fell to the ground, finger still held on the trigger. as rosey dived for cover behind a mound of dirt Das Wenchy emmerged branishing a m16 which she had bulit herself, with the aid of rosey and muse. she ran towards the hellfire moveing side to side , seamingly dodgeing the bullets, fired furiously upward sending a barrarge of bullets through the skkull of yet another raider, but the fire didnt let up. Muse lent out of the vehical and unleased hell with deadly accuracy, both barrals burned with rage unlesashing hate with each bullet, "how dare they attack those who only want to help other " she thought dropping another raider dead. A cry was heard from above "cease fire cease fire "a womans voise, one minute of uneasy scilence passed before a woman emeraged at the to of the pass, all barrales "the survivors" could point were trained on the mystery woman then she spoke. " your in our territor and have quite frankly killed some of my favroite guards me" she paused " how do you plead ?". "the survivors looked at eachother from their covering points befor Fausts voice was heard from undernearth the over pass " errrr you shot at us first so with that logic in mind... FUCK OFF AND DIE IN A HOLE " he said looking very pleased with his insult.

the woman tuted " such violent words my dear boy " Fausts smile faded and he went back to insult her some more befor being cut off by a raider.

" you are all gulity and the punishment is death " there was almost fear in his voice but as he drew his gun to continue fire Rosey's voice came from meters from Muse's posistion.

" i dont belive that would be a good idea , do you " he inquired

"oh .... what do you mean " the mystery woman replied, shocked with his statment

" well you HAD the drop on us, you HAD the high ground and yet none of us were harmed and yet three of your guards are dead " he paused befor continueing " so .... whats it to be ?

" my foolish little creature, i think you will find that there were six of you when we started shooting and only five have shot back" an evil grin appeared on her face as they all looked to see who was injured. Muse turned and looked in the back of the vehical to see Yuki her sister doubled over holding her stomace. " you have one hour to decide to either pay us for safe travle away from her or you could die " and with that the mystery woman left , out of sight. "the survivors " rushed over to yuki.

Roughly twenty minutes passed and "the survivors" were tending to yuki's wounds. she had been shot in the stomace by a stray 9mm bullet " lay still " rave said in reply to her moans " you cant help us if you wont help yourself now lay there and let me and Rosey tend to you and you will be fine ok " he stroked her face to try and keep her calm and in doing so , she did. Muse paced up and down the back of the bare bullet filled vehical for several minutes befor Faust dived into the back. " how is she ? " he cried as he came crashing down on his back

"she'll live " replied rosey who was busy sorting through his medical supplies. Faust stood up and addresed Muse

"dont worry" said placeing a hand on her shoulder " i seen these two patch up worst injuries on others and they walked away the next day " he looked away befor she snaped at him.

" dont worry....... are you crazy even if we help her were still stuck here " tears started to steam down from her dark brown eyes.

" come on this isnt you " he insisted " and besides i have a way out , but i require your help " she looked at him stunned, wiped the tears from her eyes and turned to the others. Das Wenchy glanced up at the pair " go , do what you need to, we will stay here with her "

"good " faust replied " you in my dear " fear gripped his face and Muse knew she wouldnt like this idea.

" ok, what do you need " she replied gaining strenght

" what i need , is a bomb capeable of destroying two of those pillars supporting that over pass " and they both smiled at the thought of what was to come.

The End

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